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CageTheElephant  at coachella

Cage The Elephant 2014 Tour – Show in Tucson

Cage The Elephant was one of the victims of Coachella’s insane over the top energy just before their show in Tucson.


The Bowling Green Kentucty based band was nice enough to make a pit stop for a meet and greet thrown by yours truly Dress Code Clothing for some lucky fans before their show later that night here in Tucson.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 1

Meeting the band was so sick . I still remember when  Beavis & Butthead did  a hilarious commentary on their music video  “In One Ear.” What was really sweet about this meet & greet was the band came around & mingled with the fans like average joes. I got to ask them what some of there favorite sets were at Coachella  and just chill. They even shared some of there pop rock goodies with me. All around they were a really cool bunch of dudes.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 2

The show they played later that night at the famous Rialto Theater was a sight to see . The show  was sold out to a whopping 1200 screaming fans.

Rialto Cage The Elephant

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How to Keep Your Hats Looking Fresh

Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to accumulate a pretty big stash of hats. One of my favorite hats right now is the Floral Volley in Black from HUF. Some people at my work might say I have a problem but I can quit at anytime. That’s what I keep telling myself…

Here’s a little thing I wrote up to help you guys keep your hats looking fresh and super dope.

 Volley coalge

Step 1: Preventative Maintenance

First thing you’ll need is a stain and water repellent spray. It’s hard to resist the urge to throw on your brand new hat right away, but you’ve gotta! Spray it first and you’ll love yourself, trust me. This $7 can of spray will give your hat much more life. The bomb thing is that you can even use this on shoes too. Two in one baby!

Febreeze and lids spray

Step 2: Cleaning & Care

Here are the baby steps in case you didn’t know already:

  • Keep your dirty hands off your lids. Come on guys!
  • Use tape or a lint roller to get rid of lint that get stuck on your hat.
  • Treat funky smells with Febreze, the oldest trick in the book.
  • If all else fails and you really wrecked your hat, take it to your dry cleaner and they should be able to help you.

Step 3: Storage

This is the most important step. I hear stories that my dog ate my hat all the time. It’s your fault! Proper storage is key. I use a plastic storage container to keep any dust or bugs from destroying my precious collection. The container helps keep your hats in shape, and keeps the dogs out. Then keep it away from sunlight because that will fade them out (I learnt that the hard way).  Under the bed is a great spot.

More hats

Hope you learned something! If you have any other tips, share in the comments!

The Nixon Rubber Player: Style & Functionality

nixon logo

Not to be confused with the 37th president, the watch brand Nixon has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. The Player line is one of Nixon’s more popular and versatile styles. Nixon’s first couple runs were encased in a polyurethane and silicone material (fancy for rubber) from the case of the watch all the way to the band. The first Nixon watch I ever purchased was the Matte Black Rubber Player and has stood the test of time. I love wearing this watch for a snazzy dinner, or when I’m going to class or even just at work.

Nixon Black Rubber player 2

But don’t let the rubber design fool you. The clean face accompanied by the real diamond marking the six hour spot coupled with a chrome finished Nixon label at the top of the face really adds a nice shine to the piece.

Assorted rubber players 2.

The great thing about the player is it comes in a range of colors, accents, sizes and materials like brushed steel. For the high rollers there’s a ceramic model with a real ruby instead of a diamond that will set you back $1,500.

Imaginary Foundation’s New Direction 2014

The Big Bang of Something Cool


I remember Imaginary Foundation’s first prints were based on a solid colored background focusing on a center piece. This kind of design format is one of the reasons I started taking an interest in the brand. My first t-shirt from Imaginary Foundation was one of their earlier designs called “Let the Force Flow.”

The Era of Sublimation


As time past so did their design setup. It was jarring seeing Imaginary use a 100% polyester all over print. The sublimated material for me was hard to warm up to as it was so radically different from what they had used to print on before.  However their unique and eye catching designs are what kept me coming back for more. Some of my favorite sublimated prints is the “Canyons” design.  Another thing I like about the sublimated prints is that they carry a great deal of detail and cover the entire area of the shirt and still have a silky smooth feel to them. For me, I tend to avoid shirts with too much print as they can be hot and uncomfortable to wear.
The Great Expansion


Imaginary hasn’t stopped at just t-shirts though. They have expanded their brand to encompass hats, sweaters, women’s leggings and iPhone cases which carry that same idea of utilizing the entire space of the item. What interests me in their hats is that each panel is unique.

Shop Imaginary Foundation at Dress Code