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Kid Cudi

A lot of Kid Cudi’s fans have had some mixed feelings on his recent decision to end his label Dream On, in partnership with his mentor, Kanye West’s Record label, G.O.O.D. Music. But that didn’t stop him from already releasing a new (crappy) album this year. I thought Indicud was a great listen overall (with exception of the chick screaming on “Red Eye”) and also thought it was cool that he did most of his own production for the album. But Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon is a completely different story whether he produced it or not. Unfortunately, I am desperately trying to stay on board as a fan after this “Doozie” of a project.Space Man

This is just a tragic sight… that suit isn’t going to help anyone get to the moon. He needs to just throw his space-man suit in the garbage. It has to be what’s suffocating his brain from making good music anymore.Kid Cudi Coachella Outfit
And don’t even get me started on this “men’s” crop-top he wore during his Coachella performance last weekend. He looks like he’s running late for jazzercise class.

I think it’s safe to say the only thing that hasn’t completely changed much is his “off-stage” fashion sense. Off-stage, he still keeps his style “simply complex” as I like to call it. His outfits may seem typical at times, but the exclusive and hard-to-find garments and accessory pairings are what make his outfits unique. Yeah that may be just a plain black t-shirt, but it’s probably a french or italian cotton-blend tee that could pay my rent for the next three months. And the Bape letterman jacket over top of it will definitely make you look more than twice.Kid Cudi Old photo of Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi trying on his new BAPE Shark Varsity Letterman

 Can We Still Be Fans?

I have promised myself that  I would wait until his next project released until I make my final decision, in hopes he will redeem not only himself but some of his day-one fans as well. I will continue to listen to all his classic material until then. For those of you that are Team Mescudi for life, be sure to fulfill all your Moon-Man Merchandise needs at Dress Code. Let us know what you guys thought of the new album and tell us what direction you think he’s going with his sound in the comments below.

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