Top 5 Metal Band T-Shirts

Metal Tees

What’s up all you Metal-heads out there!  I’m going to quickly go over my top five picks for Metal tees here at Dress Code. I’ve got a feeling some of you might have rocked your face off too hard at a show once or twice before, and possibly even ruined your favorite (insert band name here) shirt in the process. Fear not rocker, this post was made just for you!

1. Iron Maiden

 To start us off, I chose Iron Maiden. For those of you that may not know, I specifically chose this graphic because this was the cover of they’re debut self-titled album in 1980 when the world was first introduced to “Eddie”.

2. Black Sabbath

With their recent collaboration with Converse creating a big buzz, I felt it was only right to pay homage to the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath. Here is the album cover to their fourth album they released, that they obviously spent a good amount time to come up with titled, “Vol. 4“.

3. Metallica

This wouldn’t even be a list if Metallica wasn’t on it. Being that they’re one of the most iconic Metal bands in history, I felt it was only right to pick the famous album cover art to their 1984 classic.

4. Pantera

This time we have a sweet long sleeve tee featuring artwork from Pantera’s 5th released album from 1990, “Cowboys From Hell“. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell.

 5. Slayer

And last but certainly not least, we have the cherry to put a top our Metal-ice cream sundae, Slayer. Featured on the front blown up the entire length of the shirt, is their infamous eagle pentagram design and signature logo-type in red.

Time to Rock!

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 Metal tees list, and if you didn’t, then go make your own list bo-zo! And if you still need to replace that old, ratty “Justice For All” tee, you know where to find us. Let us know YOUR top picks for metal tees in the comments below!



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