BAD BRAINS: 35 Years Of Punk

Bad Brains

After posting my previous post on my top 5 picks for best punk rock band t-shirt list, I realized I had left out considerably, one of the greatest bands to ever do it. The Rastafarian pioneers of the punk scene, Bad Brains.

The Kings of Merch

Though they’ve branched out from the punk-specific genre fusing all kinds of funk, reggae, and even hip-hop vibes to their sound, the D.C. born (and banned) group has always stayed true to their edgy punk look through their band merchandise and signature logo. After the recent 35th anniversary of the band, they have been coming out with all kinds of new merchandise from sunglasses and snowboard goggle collabs with Arnette, to limited edition guitars, and even their own hot sauces, Bad Brains is still going stronger than ever. They’re no newcomer to doing clothing collaborations either, having done several Vans collabs as well as a collection with Supreme NYC back in 2008.

Pictured above is their Limited Edition ASG Guitar collaboration as well as their eyewear collection with Arnette.

With Bad Brains still currently touring, there’s really no telling what we can expect next from the group that came together like the Ninja Turtles. While we wait on the new-new, I’ll show you one of my personal favorite band tees of theirs that we currently have at Dress Code.

Rasta Capitol Tee

The thing I love most about this specific shirt is the multiple color gradience within this graphic of their iconic Capitol Building Logo. From far away you might just see green yellow and red, but if you look closely you probably won’t even be able to count how many different shades of color there are. Definitely an eye-catching tee to wear. Fellow fans of BB, share with us your personal collection of gear in the comments below and keep rockin’.

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