The Best T-Shirts of Television

TV Merchandise

Television is one of the great American past times of our generation whether we agree with it or not. So, I figured I’d do a quick “top picks” for television t-shirts focusing on television programs currently on the air, from Cartoons to sit-coms and dramas. Let’s get into it.

Always Sunny in Philly- Kitten Mittens

Starting off the list with one of my favorite shows, Always Sunny. Instead of going with the typical green Paddy’s Pub tee that you see everywhere, I decided to do this “Kitten Mittens” tee from an episode from an earlier season.

Adventure Time- Jake Face Tank Top

I figured it was only right that I included one of the most popular cartoons with children and adults since the good ol’ Dragon Ball Z days. Here we have Finn’s trusty sidekick, Jake, blown up on the front of a tank. Stay cool this summer on your own adventures.

Family Guy- Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Another notable cartoon that’s been going strong since 1999 (beleive it or not) is Family Guy. And with the recent scare of Brian Griffin’s passing, I figured this tee deserved a spot on the list.

Walking Dead- Daryl Sunset

One of the most popular shows on TV right now is the Walking Dead and we have got a ton of merchandise for all you fans out there. This Daryl Sunset tee is one of the newest additions to our inventory at Dress Code. Get yours before the zombies get em all!

Workaholics- Office Chairs

A show that really blew up after it’s pilot season, Workaholics. Adam, Uncle Blazer, and The Derrs have taught the world how to properly slack-off and have a good time throughout the show and continue to take the world’s attention away from stupid shit like the voice and American Idol, today.

WWE- Scratch Logo

And why not end this one with some super REAL wrestling. Whether you’re a childhood fan or still a full blown fanatic of this fake display of athleticism, I figured everyone could appreciate this here original “scratch logo ” tee.

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