Crystal Castles – Band Merchandise

The dynamic duo of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass, better known for the experimental electronic group, Crystal Castles, formed in Toronto in 2004. Ethan and Alice have been touring all over the world since 2008 with both members spinning  CC inspired DJ sets in between their tours/performances as of late. From Coachella performances, to they’re “home made” music video aesthetic, they appeal to a unique group of fans and draw in a lot of different people looking for something to enjoy and be apart of.

Although they are “boxed in” as an electronic group, they have a very distinct sound unlike any other group in their genre. The seemingly dark tones give their music more of a rebellious or goth feel as opposed to the pop crap garbage you’d hear on the radio. There’s still no sign of a release date for their upcoming album (IV) but we’re hoping for at least some official info by the end of this year. Check out our new Band Merchandise from Crystal Castles and support your favorite group of the underground. While we wait for any new release info, let’s take a trip down memory lane with one of their hit singles, Crimewave:

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