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Rock Revival Style Guide for Women

This post is intended to give you all the ins and outs of Rock Revival jeans, and if you live on the west coast, then you’ll definitly be craving some In-n-Out after you read this! First thing you’ll need to know is that there are three types of jeans that Rock Revival has to offer: Boot Cut, Skinny, and Straight.

Boot Cut

Lina: These jeans are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane to give you premium comfort. All 5 pockets contain contrast stitching. Back pockets and coin pocket are embroidered for supreme detail.

Stephanie: This style of jean is a little different than most other Rock Revivals. These are made of 89% cotton and 11% elastane…so basically you’ll be able to do yoga in them! Front and back flap pockets have some crazy contract stitching, as well as embellishments.


Brooke: All five pockets have contrast stitching, and coin and back pockets embellishments. Also, the back pockets have flaps to keep yo booty nice and secure. Made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, so you’ll actually be able to get them on!

Mattie: These jeans are made of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. The five pockets will allow you to put all kinds of stuff in it: wallet, money, tater-tots, etc. They have traditional back pockets that include the signature Rock Revival contrast stitching.


Pavo: These jeans are a little different than most Rock Revivals. They have 5 pockets including flap pockets on the back. What makes these so different is the stitching. Instead of the white/grey stitching that is used on many of there other styles they use a brownish stitching to give it a unique look.

If you haven’t yet gotten a pair of Rock Revival jeans you NEED to!!!!

Rock Revival Men’s Jeans

Rock Revival prides itself in producing jeans with an impeccable fit, while having premium quality denim. This company has been in business for 10 years and is based out of Los Angeles. These jeans are set far ahead of the pack because of their details such as flowing stitch lines, back pocket reverse fleur de lis (I don’t even know what this means, but it sounds legittt) and hardware which create a unique blend of rocker aesthetic. If you haven’t purchased a pair of these puppies before just know that they tend to run a little big. I’m a size 32, but in Rock Revival jeans I’ll get a pair of 30s. Below you’ll see favs from each style of jeans.


This here is the Tristan boot cut jeans. These jeans are awesome if you’re looking for a darker wash pair of pants. Best part is black goes well with almost everything.

The Dan boot cut jean is perfect if you’re looking for a medium colored wash. These jeans are great because they have a nice dark blue wash, but then fade to a lighter blue right at the knees.

Lastly, the Rogan boot cut jeans bring a faded blue wash to the table. Perfect if you’re looking for something not too dark and not too light.


The Erkal jeans are easily my favorite out of Rock Revival jeans. The mixture of the unique wash and the straight leg combine to form in my opinion the best pair of jeans.

Girls will definitly be staring at your butt in these bad boys!!!

The Argon jeans also rank up there with the Erkal jeans in my opinion. These are a bit more classy than other Rock Revival’s since the colors don’t fade at the knees. They also don’t have any flashy stitching on the back pockets.


If you want to unleash your true rock…and your roll, then you need to pick up a pair of these jeans!

New Brand Alert: Hudson

Our newest addition to our denim collection this year is Hudson Jeans. Hudson is an American designer denim company, producing jeans for men, women, and even children. We will be adding a ton of new styles and fits for both men and women as this is one our newest acquired brands. For now, here are three fits for women that we just put up on our web-store.

Nico Super Skinny

The Nico Super Skinny is a Black Cotton/Tencel/Lycra blend offering some stretch in the material for maximum comfort. Nine-inch rise in the waist; They are slim all the way down and with a 10-inch leg opening at the bottom, these are one of Hudson’s skinniest models. 
Barbara High Waist Super Skinny

These Barbara High waist jeans offer the same slim (super skinny) fit as the Nico with the 10-inch leg opening at the cuff, only this time with a 10-inch rise offering the popular women’s high waist fit.
Collin Mid Rise Skinny

The Collin Mid Rise Skinny Jean is a dark blue wash with some fading and tears to give a distressed, worn look. These here will have a more roomy fit with a 12-inch leg opening as well as an eight in rise in the waist giving them a lower cut fit through the hips.

These are only just a few styles with many more to come for both men and women, so be sure to check back for more styles regularly as they will be up on our web-store very soon.

Diesel Denim Wash Guide

Diesel De-coders!

We’ve received a lot of chatter regarding those weird little codes on the inside tag of Diesel jeans and what exactly those are/what they represent. Well today’s your lucky day, I’m going to quickly break down the meaning behind their codes and the purpose of using them.

Diesel likes to do things a little differently than the other denim companies when it comes to the way they classify their styles, fits, and especially their washes. Those crazy little “serial numbers” are referred to as wash codes. Now, for those of you that are already familiar with Diesel denim or have been down with Diesel since before 2006, you may remember seeing those same funny looking codes under their Indian head authenticity tag. Since then, they’ve started putting the code on the back inside tag of the waist band along with the size and fit info.  Essentially, these wash codes give you the info on the color of the wash for that specific pair of jeans. It can also sometimes relate to the material used to make that pair as well. For example, the code pictured (86C) is a 97% cotton/3% elastane blend where as others won’t have any elastane in them. Another good indicator to differentiate the elastane denim to non-elastane is to look for the word “stretch” on that back tag.

Now That You Know..

So, if you’re already a fan of diesel, I bet there’s a good chance you have that one favorite pair that you’d love to have some more of or even just a second pair of the same wash perhaps. Now that you know this vital information, go into your closet, grab your favorite pair,  find the wash code and start searching for your favorite Diesel jeans! Let us know your favorite wash in the comments below!

Holy Jeans!

Denim Details

This here will be a more informational post generalized on the topic of Denim. I’m going to try and touch on the major FAQs people have about jeans and their price-points. To me, your denim is almost like a piece of your identity. Your denim says a lot about you from the fit of the jean, to the wash, style, and finally your outfit paired with said denim. Trust me when I say this, the fit is absolutely vital to enable you maximum wear for the jeans you buy. You don’t wanna be the dude that’s 5’6″ wearing a 34″ inseam straight fit pair of jeans. I’m going to also breakdown what exactly makes designer denim hold it’s “prestigious classification status” (and their crazy price-points, at times) above the others.

So, how do these “big time” denim companies come up with their prices anyways? What is it that makes those Diesel jeans almost $200 dollars and those Levi’s 501s only $50? Well the truth is, there are a number of different things that set companies like Diesel and G-Star apart from the more basic, affordable denims like KR3W or Levi’s. Here they are..


One of the most overlooked factors that can determine denim’s price is the “weight” or thickness of the denim. The thickness is measured in ounces and predominantly is given a code that identifies the denim’s weight. So that would mean, the heavier the denim is, the thicker it will be. This will also determine the softness of the denim. So if you purchase some 21 oz selvedge denim, be prepared to walk around in a cardboard box with legs for a few months. Notice how these jeans don’t look like they “fit” his legs and look overly loose/bunched up? This is a good example of how your higher-ounce raw denim will look/fit before the material loosens and starts to break in.


Another factor that can sometimes go unknown is the washing and distressing processes. Big Denim companies put their jeans through a wash process in order to get them to the desired color and softness they’re going for with that specific pair. This is also what gives specific collections their “identity.” The distress process can also help with giving certain collections their signature look. If a company is campaigning a new pair/model of jeans that have say, a little more of a destroyed or “distressed” look to them, they were given that look through distressing. Different techniques such as sand blasting specific areas of the denim is what gives them that aged, or already broken in look. Some companies even go as far as using paint to add discolorations or fading.


A Diesel Factory employee prepares a pair of jeans for distressing treatments.

Caring For Your Jeans

Now onto the importance of caring for your denim after you’ve made your big purchase. The way you take care of your denim will basically define how long  they will last for you. Bigger companies bank on their denim’s durability as a way of upholding those higher price tags. Where as with certain Levi’s models, I’ve worn completely through them in just one year.  The biggest myth with denim is that you need to wash them regularly like you do your other clothes in order to break them in quicker. This is actually what NOT to do. There are far more DON’Ts than there are Dos for proper at-home washing. For those of you not familiar with the proper way to wash your jeans, check out these tips and tricks from Crosby Press.

Shop It Up!

Now that you have better insight as to where these companies come up with their prices, it’s time to get you some new denim! However, I still strongly urge you to ALWAYS take advantage of any clearance or denim sales you can find. But at least now you will have a better understanding to why the tag to a pair of denim shorts your holding is just as much as a regular pair of jeans. Start scoping out some different denim companies and let me know what brands you guys are liking in the comments below. Remember, you’ll never know what you like unless you go into the stores yourself and try them on.