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Lollapalooza 2014

The famous Lollapalooza turns 23 this year, known as one of the longest going music festivals in the United States and is only continuing to get bigger as time passes. This year, Eminem will be headlining the festival in Grant Park, along with Outkast and Calvin Harris, just name a few, so there’s no wonder why tickets have been sold out for months now. Aside from your normal Music Festival experience, there are a ton of other attractions to keep you as well as your screaming children occupied.

Kids ages 10 and under get in for free, and are able to hit up “Kidzapalooza” for free also. This festival within a festival, will feature live shows for the kids as well as multiple children oriented music workshops and snack spots.
 The Grub

With Chicago’s own celeb chef, Graham Elliot hand selecting each of the local restaurants/food being served in ChowTown there is no question there will be some of the best Chicago food spots on site available for dining. From your average Chicago style hot dogs and pizza, to your not so average Lobster Corn Dogs and Spicy Mongolian Beef Baos , there will be a little something for every to “chow” on.

Now getting back to the real reason you’re all going, the music. With well over 50 different acts performing in just 3-day span, you can expect to get enough concerts under your belt for the rest of the year. And you will also probably need some cool Band/Artist merchandise to rock at the shows. As always, we’ve got you covered on that end. Let us know who you are most looking forward to seeing in the comment section and check out a few tees I picked below.

Eminem Horror Tee

Calvin Harris X-Ray Tee

Cage The Elephant Tiny Little Robots Tee

Nas Posterized Tee

Riot Fest! 2014

There’s Gonna Be Riot!

Another music festival is upon us folks. Well, actually there’s a bunch    going on right now, but this one is different. This is the music festival, people that don’t even like music go to and still have a blast. Now, that’s not to take away from the super-de-duper shows you can see while attending any of the three venues, there’s just so much to freakin’ do at these festivals! This ain’t no joke! This is Riot Fest 2014 dude!


The “riot starters” or whoever the hell it is that’s in charge of running this damn thing, are kicking off the whole sha-bang in Toronto (That place is cold, yo). I heard this year is the 10th anniversary of Riot Fest, so I’m willing to bet there’s gonna be some extra special shit taking place at the three different venues. One of Toronto’s “extra features” is an expo, which really could mean a million different things that will be going on at the Festival. I’m not 100% sure, since they’re too cool to post any info regarding this “expo” of theirs(or any of the venue-features for that matter), but my guess is that you can possibly expect some band merchandise booths, some un-healthy food trucks (aka the best kind of food trucks), and most likely a menu of “hand selected” hipster craft beers.

For the rest of us that don’t feel like flying to Canada and dealing with International Customs just to see a show, you can either hit up the festival in Chicago, or watch the shows in Denver. The U.S. venues are going to be better anyways, having a lot more bands/artists because they probably don’t want to be subjected to all that Canadian Border crap either.

Being that Chicago is Riot Fest’s original location since 2005, it should be jam-packed with extra surprises this year. Chicago’s “extra feature” is a freakin’ carnival! So this year, while you wait for Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground to creep you out with their “sweet jams”, you can enjoy all kinds of food, games, and theme park rides. Just don’t eat too much, or you’ll be redecorating the ground when you’re on the rides.  Now, if you’re into the “weirder side” of the whole “carnival scene” I suggest going to the Denver show. There, you will be able to watch crazy people suspending bowling balls attached to their ear gauges, sword swallowers and other weird shit alike. Also, something important to remember… Please allow yourself an allotted time slot for bathroom use before the show. It would really be a shame if you remembered the A Day To Remember show as a day you didn’t really want to remember. Hurry up and grab your tickets if you haven’t already, and be sure to let us know which shows you’re most looking forward to seeing in the comments below.