Top 5 Clearance Items From 10 Deep Right Now

10 Deep

Here’s another quick sale guide to help you guys get your closet right for summertime, even if you have come down with a case of the “low-funds” like myself.  This time around, we take a look at some pieces from currently, one of the most popular brands in street wear/hip-hop culture, 10 Deep.  Here we go folks…

1. Bad News Raglan

Was: $43.95  NOW: $32.96


This tropical “baseball tee” will go great with your khaki cargo shorts. Maybe even grab the snapback to match and get on a whole ‘nother level of cool.

2. Double Vision Tee

Was: $29.95 NOW: $22.46

Here we have what appears the be the iconic John Wayne having a smoke break within the first image. Stripped together going the opposite way is a spooky skull with a cigarette in it’s mouth. Smoking kills kids.

3. Peace Tank Top

Was: $29.95 NOW: $19.47

Everyone knows you gotta have at least a few tanks in your closet for those days when you run out of lemonade. 10 Deep did a cool “stripe type” pattern using the word “tenth” going backwards across the entire front and back of the tank.

4. Monticello Snapback

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46

Lately, it seems as though you can’t possibly go wrong with a camo print piece  added to your outfit. Here, 10 Deep uses their own camouflage rendition on a snapback hat. Add the classic “10 Deep” script logo embroidered in an off-white stitching  on the front and you’ve got a dope summer head piece for your wardrobe.

5. Ironsides 5-Panel

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46

And last but not least we have the infamous 5-panel hat. This unique 5-panel uses an “Astrology” all-over print pattern with “10 Deep” screen printed on both side panels of the hat. Now you won’t have to “watch the stars” with your lady friend you can just tell her to look at you.


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