Big Guava 2014

Big Guava Music Festival

“What the hell’s a Big Guava?!”

Some of you hipsters may already know, but most of you (myself included) probably didn’t know about one of the next up and coming music festivals to hit the scene that’s coming up next month, called Big Guava Music Festival. This three day, multiple-stage festival in Tampa is going to be like many others in the fact that it showcases “everyone’s favorite artists” like Foster The People or Slightly Stoopid, but what really makes the BG unique is that it’s focus isn’t solely on the music, but more so the entire experience of the event. From theme park rides to food trucks, and even a wide selection craft beers on hand, the Guava’s got it all. But what should you wear to this festival? Is it leather-fringe headband and “mens” Speedo acceptable like Coachella? Let’s all hope not…

Big Guava Fashion: What to Expect

The nice thing about Big Guava being a “brand-new festival” is that the tickets are relatively cheap. For just 75 big ones (per day) you can go see the entire lineup scheduled for your ticketed day of the Festival. So that means you can hopefully have some money left over to buy a new outfit or two for the big date(s). What can you expect people to be wearing? Well, like any public gathering of “people” you will always see at least a few wild ones, especially if there’s music and booze involved. But to maybe help you get started, I’ll quickly touch on a couple trend predictions that I have for you.

Bucket Hats

Just as I had predicted in my previous Coachella post, bucket hats are becoming a major trend among the music fest-goers. Something about the 360 degree sun protection is just so “in” right now. 

Even Justin Bieber in all of his lameness tried wearing one….

Camouflage Patterns

From girls in ratty over-sized army jackets, to the dudes with their digi-camo tank top “matching” their woodland cargo shorts, I’m predicting that you can definitely expect to see a lot of camo-print garments around the venue. But please folks, try to limit your outfit to one pattern only. You don’t wanna be in multiple fake branches of the military.

Camo is cool, but please don’t drown yourself in it. You will attract people like this and unless that’s what you want, I’d stop now while you still have your dignity. And your shirt on…

Get Your Gear Right

Now that I’ve kindly pointed you in a direction away from nipple piercings, it’s time to shop. Whether you’re feeling militant, festive, or a perfect combination of both, Dress Code always holds you down with the sweet sales and band merchandise for all your favorite artists. Be sure to let us know how you’ll be piecing together your concert outfits in the comments below.

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