Top 5 Clearance Items From Mishka Right Now

Top 5 Clearance Items From Mishka Right Now

Here’s another sale-guide for you guys. This time around we’ve got the top five items from Mishka. Here it is..

1. Cyco Serpent Tee

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46Some Death Adders tye-dye for you summer-born hippies. I’m actually really liking the single color dye pattern, I might just have to scoop one myself.

2. Spaceship Tee

Was: $29.95 NOW: $19.47At first glance this shirt instantly takes me back to Epcot at Disney World when I went as a kid. Classic Mishka Eyeball logo given it’s similar texture to give it that “spacey” look.

3. Keep Watch Crest Tank

Was: $31.95 NOW: $20.77For those of you out there that like to keep it a little more simple, this is the tank for you. Their famous “keep watch” slogan  in a banner with the eyeball appropriately placed above it. You probably forgot Mishka is worldwide, huh?

4. Death Worldwide Snapback

Was: $29.95 NOW: $14.98Two different fonts both reminiscent of the original Sports team hats from back in the day, the Death worldwide Snapback has a “classic” feel to it regardless of the word “death” splayed across the front. Make mom proud and scoop this gem today.

5. Zombie VII Revisited Tee

Was: $31.95 NOW: $20.77

This grimey full-shirt graphic will definitely turn some heads. Staying true to their sinister aesthetic, Mishka throws some “zombies” on the front and back of the shirt from neck to hem.

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