6 Pairs of Shoes at Dress Code Under $80

Let’s face it. None of us like dressing up or “getting fancy” for family functions or formal events. But instead of being the guy that shows up to your buddies’ wedding reception in an old cut-sleeve tee from your favorite gym, sweats and ratty thong sandals, you CAN get dressed for your next big event without spending $1K on a suit you’ll never wear again. So that’s why I went ahead and threw together a list of the best casual shoes under $80. To the dude debating if his one and only pair of Sperrys can withstand another “formal” outing, this is for you.


Vans Authentics aren’t the only canvas shoe out there, people. Keep your casual style with the Lacoste L27 ($44.85) or Vans Zapato Del Barco C&L ($64.95).


You can always count on leather when looking for a casual shoe to “dress up” in. Try a pair of Volcom Vultures ($75) or Lacoste Wykens ($70.50) with your formal ensemble.

Other Options

Keep it classy, while saving some cash to order a pizza after the nasty salmon they served at the reception, with the Macbeth Gatsby ($48.71)or the Suede Mckinley from KR3W ($70.40)




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