Finding the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

When deciding on a new pair of shades for the summer, your number one question/concern should always be, “do these fit my face correctly?” Now, sure you could just wing it and grab a pair at random, but if you’re reading this you’ve already proved that your personal style is important to you and you like to look your best at all times(way to go!). That being said, sunglasses are essentially the cherry on top of the sundae, that is your outfit and will either accentuate your overall look or completely kill the style you’ve worked hard to maintain. You don’t want to look like the 4-year old kid at Disneyland with the bottom of his full size “souvenir” aviators well past his cheek bones.  A lot of people claim they’re picky or “sunglasses they like are hard to find.” I’m going to quickly go over how to get over this hump. Whether you have a round/circular face, a more angular face or have a prominent jaw line or any other possible face shape, I can direct you towards the style that suits you best.


With the traditional wayfarer as well as round, wire-frame styles becoming a bigger trend each year, something to keep in mind is not all frames will be the same shape/size just because it says they’re wayfarers on the price tag. Ray-Ban themselves, have re-designed their classic pre-existing silhouette, now offering multiple sizes catering to all face shapes and head sizes.

So, obviously my number one recommendation is to go into a store and try on as many different styles and frame shapes as possible, BUT if you’re more of an online shopping kind of person or don’t have access to an eyewear store, don’t you worry. I was able to find  this helpful “face-shape guide” from the folks at the Beauty Department just for you online shoppers. Use this guide if you’re having any trouble on your search for the perfect pair, and get back to us with the pair you pick up in the comments below.


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