Imaginary Foundation’s Classics

The Imaginary Foundation wasn’t always known for their mind boggling, yet intellectual artwork presented in the form of clothing and accessories. They started as a group of people in Switzerland studying new ways of thinking and the power of the huma mind’s imagination. Now they are one of the top clothing brands pushing the imagination’s limits on what can possibly be thought of, all while leading the industry in their popularized sublimated clothing. Here we will take a look back at their original screen printed graphics that started it all for their apparel endeavors.

Infinite Tee

The Infinite Tee was one of IF’s first designs, featuring a black and white image of a man smoking a cigarette. His smoke gradually fades into a colorful image of galaxy/black hole in space.
Doorway Tee

Another original featuring a “doorway” with the “IF” logo on the door, opening to a grass field with trees at the end. All of which are lit up by the stars and planets in the sky.
Nostalgic Mood Tee

The Nostalgic Mood tee is a top-to-bottom screen printed image featuring the silhouette of a man sitting in a chair smoking a pipe (possibly on the moon judging by the color of the background he’s sitting on) with his smoke creating a scenery of stars as it rises. The sitting man’s silhouette is also filled with stars.
Gutter Tee
This Gutter Tee features a bright and colorfully detailed image of an astronaut sitting on the sidewalk in a “gutter”. Below the image reads, ” we are all in the gutter. But some of us are looking up at the stars.”
The Opening Tee

Here’s another “doorway” graphic, this time featuring a man opening a door into what appears to be an array of colorful digital imagery almost in the form of wireframe. Maybe the underlying message may be referring to the beginning of the future or the advancement in technology? I’ll let you decide.

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