The Point System

The All New Dress Code Point System, v 3.0 - Starting June 2017.

We've made some changes to our point system to make the Dress Code loyalty program a lot better. You spoke, we listened. Now you earn more points the more you shop at Dress Code. Here is how it works:

As usual, when you first sign up you will start earning points right away, 15% of the subtotal of all the non-sale items will automatically be converted into points for you to use on your next purchase. Here is what makes things even better:

On your second qualifying purchase, you will earn 20% in points. And on your 5th, you'll get 25% back on everything!

To see how much you're earning on your purchases, simply sign in to your account, and look under Point History to see what tier you are at.




1 Purchase



2 Purchases



5 Purchases


Bonus Referral Points


in Points

For every referral


The Math, practically:

So you're a pretty cool guy that likes wearing fresh gear all the time. To keep your swagger up to times, you spend a little every now and then. So here is how your points add up at Dress Code.

  • 1st purchase, lets say you spend $20 on a t-shirt, you will earn 15% in points which is 300 points.
  • 2rd purchase, its getting a little chilly. You spend $100 on a jacket. This time you get 20% because this is your 2rd purchase. This means 2000 points!

By now, you have a 2300 points, which is $23 bucks off your next purchase. Remember you can use these points whenever you want, online or in the store. And as you come back it just gets better, with more and more points. That means more and more free stuff!

Sign in to your account and see how many points you're earning. If you're not a member yet, click here to sign up and start earning points on your purchases!


Referral's are only counted if your friend spends $20 or more. $10 in points for each referral may take up to 30 days to be applied to your account after your friend's order is complete. Dress Code reserves the right to disqualify referrals if it believes that they are being mis-used or invalid. This includes referrals within the same household etc.

*Items on sale more than 10% will not receive points. In addition any order that uses a coupon or uses points will not qualifiy for earning points. Purchases must contain at least $20 of non-sale items to be a qualifing purchase. Ugg branded products do not qualify for points. Each purchase must take place on a different day in order to move up tiers. Purchase count will be determined on account activity within the last 365 days, with a starting date later than 11/05/2012. Points are awarded on the 2nd day after you make a purchase, and are only awarded on non-sale items. Please contact store manager for exact details of how the Dress Code loyalty program works, and its official rules.

1 FRIEND = $10

Tell your friends about and get $10 in points when they make a purchase.

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