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In 1908 a man named Marquis M. Converse got the idea of creating a rubber based shoe for more traction after he fell down a flight of stairs. Fast forward to 1921when a basketball player named Chuck Taylor walked into the converse factory and complained to them that his feet were sore when he played. Converse gave him the job of promoting their shoes around the country and after a few years they gave him his own model, the All Star, with his signature on a circle star patch on the side of the shoe. This kind of shoe was very popular among basketball players until the late 60s to mid 70s, when the shoe was adopted by punk culture. Since then, it has been used by many people of different cultures and genres. People like the shoes simple yet comfortable look and feel, which has boosted its popularity to enormous proportions. To this day Converse are still used for sports of all kinds, including skateboarding, and are worn by people of all colors shapes and sizes.

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