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Neff Headwear Inc. is a privately held company based out of Ventura California. It was founded in 2002 by Shaun Neff while he was attending Brigham Young University in Utah. Mr. Neff began by hand-knitting his own beanies and tagging them with the Neff logo you see today. At first he began selling his products to people he knew around campus and to friends and family; however it wasn't long before Milo Snow & Skate Shop in Utah began selling these trendy beanies. Within months the brand started to blow up. The company was featured on Forbes as "The Cool Factor Business Model", where Neff was quoted saying "We were the only headwear company in the game!" which helped them tremendously in the market. Neff can be seen all around the world as they sponsor many notable athletes in surf, skate and snow sports. While beanies and other headwear will always be the Neff trademark, they have recently expanded into other forms of clothing including t-shirts, hoodies, socks, etc. The company is internationally sold in major action retail stores everywhere. To this day, the main idea behind Neff is that it's all about having fun and bringing new vibes and steeze to the game. Neff, as a movement, have huge plans for the future and will continue to focus on expanding and being noted as "THE" premiere headwear company around.

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