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New Band Merchandise from Iron Maiden

We just got in a ton of new Band Merchandise from famous English Metal Band, Iron Maiden. From your band tees to hats and other accessories, we’ve got it all for the Iron Maiden fanatic in your life. Here’s just a few tees from our collection. Check ‘em out:

Evolution of Eddie Tee

As we all know, Eddie is the infamous Mascot that has been apart of Iron Maiden from the start of their legacy in 1975. This shirt depicts the different “phases” of the character from the start of the band forming, to what he’s looking like present day.
Seventh Son Circle Tee


This Seventh Son Circle Tee features a colorful image of Eddie holding what looks to be his heart that he has replaced with a rotten apple. Within the blue background is skulls and all the “spirits” Eddie has taken.
Somewhere in Time Tee

On the Somewhere in Time tee is a definite sci-fi inspired graphic of an Eddie-esque robotic cyborg wielding a ray gun. A black and white street scenery makes up the background for this head-turning tee.
Trooper Tee

The Trooper Tee is a perfect representation of Iron Maiden. The Graphic features Eddie at war wearing the infamous English “Red Coat” uniform while holding the English Flag. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Let us know what your favorite tee is in the comments below and shop the rest of our Iron Maiden Band Merchandise here.

New Band Merchandise from Slayer

Attention all Slayer Fans: We just got in a giant shipment of new Band Tees from Slayer. I figured I’d go over just a few for you guys and let you shop the rest after. We’ve also got Women’s Band Merchandise for those of you ladies that don’t like to size down in the men’s cut tees. Check it out.

Hell Skull Tee

This Hell Skull Tee features Slayer’s scribble logo across the top and an image of a skull on fire with skulls, crosses, and the flames of “hell” within the background. 
Bier Label Tee

The Bier Label tee features a made up label featuring Slayer’s famous Eagle Crest logo as the main focus of the “label”. at the bottom of the label it reads “spilling the blood since 1981″ which is the year the band formed in California.
Black Eagle Work Shirt

This Eagle Work shirt is a Black cotton work shirt from Dickies featuring the classic red Slayer logo on the left chest above the pocket with the Eagle crest logo big on the back.
White Skull Tee

Put some white into your band tee collection with this white skull tee. Featuring black artwork of skulls with horns as well as two pentagrams cleverly placed at the top of each side of the shirt.

Shop the rest of the new Band tees from Slayer here and be sure to let us know which piece is your favorite in the comments below.

Crystal Castles – Band Merchandise

The dynamic duo of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass, better known for the experimental electronic group, Crystal Castles, formed in Toronto in 2004. Ethan and Alice have been touring all over the world since 2008 with both members spinning  CC inspired DJ sets in between their tours/performances as of late. From Coachella performances, to they’re “home made” music video aesthetic, they appeal to a unique group of fans and draw in a lot of different people looking for something to enjoy and be apart of.

Although they are “boxed in” as an electronic group, they have a very distinct sound unlike any other group in their genre. The seemingly dark tones give their music more of a rebellious or goth feel as opposed to the pop crap garbage you’d hear on the radio. There’s still no sign of a release date for their upcoming album (IV) but we’re hoping for at least some official info by the end of this year. Check out our new Band Merchandise from Crystal Castles and support your favorite group of the underground. While we wait for any new release info, let’s take a trip down memory lane with one of their hit singles, Crimewave:

Women’s Band Merchandise

We’ve done quite a bit of menswear posts, so I thought I would switch it up today and do a quick band merchandise post for the ladies. We’ve got a load of women’s tees and tanks from a ton of different bands, not to mention the Rockstar Mayhem festival right around the corner. Whether you’re gearing up for the festival or are just wanting some new band tees, this should help get your band merchandise game on point. Let’s check it out.

The Beatles

This lightweight sublimated Beatles “Yellow Submarine” tee will keep you cool and colorful this summer and would also pair well with any of the shoes from the recent Vans x Beatles collaboration.

Guns n Roses

Racerback tanks are a pretty dominant trend in women’s fashion right now, so why not rep your favorite band while also staying cool and stylish this summer with this Guns n Roses Tank top.


I couldn’t mention the Rockstar Mayhem Festival without including a band or two playing the event. So here’s the Korn “HoneyComb” tee. The white double stitched sleeves/hem give it a nice layered look in just one shirt.

Avenged Sevenfold

I know I’m tired of seeing the same old black and white “Deathbat” tee worn by men,women, children all over the world. Break the mold for Avenged Sevenfold fans with this cool “Sunglasses Logo” tee.

Kurt Cobain

This is an awesome women’s tee. Kind of wish it came in a men’s fit as well. The legendary Kurt Cobain featured on the front, playing with his cat. The perfect tee for any female Nirvana fan.

Top 5 Band Hats at Dress Code

Here is the list all of you rockers have been waiting for since I know you’ve all been dying to update your wardrobe right? The top five band hats at Dress Code.


To start off, we have the “Scary Guy Cadet” hat from Metallica. Simple Black Pillbox style cap with Metallica’s iconic logo embroidered on the front as well as a skull/crossbones screen-print done in grey on the side.

The Ramones

This is the “pinhead” cap from The Ramones. “Gabba Gabba Hey” screenprinted all over the hat with the famous Ramone’s seal embroidered on the back. Pick yours up today!

Iron Maiden

Couldn’t forget about Iron Maiden. This rad black fitted cap features a screenprint of Eddie on right front panel spilling onto the bill of the hat with the band’s signature logo embroidered on the left panel. 

Parkway Drive

Here’s a super snazzy snapback from Parkway Drive.  Embroidered in whiteis their logo with another logo reading, “Parkway Drive” on the right of the snap. Teal Bill and snap closure. 

Bullet For My Valentine

This Bullet For My Valentine Fitted Cap is 3-D embroidered on the front in their famous blood drip logo in red, with two pistols embroidered on the back in grey because one bullet isn’t enough.

BAD BRAINS: 35 Years Of Punk

Bad Brains

After posting my previous post on my top 5 picks for best punk rock band t-shirt list, I realized I had left out considerably, one of the greatest bands to ever do it. The Rastafarian pioneers of the punk scene, Bad Brains.

The Kings of Merch

Though they’ve branched out from the punk-specific genre fusing all kinds of funk, reggae, and even hip-hop vibes to their sound, the D.C. born (and banned) group has always stayed true to their edgy punk look through their band merchandise and signature logo. After the recent 35th anniversary of the band, they have been coming out with all kinds of new merchandise from sunglasses and snowboard goggle collabs with Arnette, to limited edition guitars, and even their own hot sauces, Bad Brains is still going stronger than ever. They’re no newcomer to doing clothing collaborations either, having done several Vans collabs as well as a collection with Supreme NYC back in 2008.

Pictured above is their Limited Edition ASG Guitar collaboration as well as their eyewear collection with Arnette.

With Bad Brains still currently touring, there’s really no telling what we can expect next from the group that came together like the Ninja Turtles. While we wait on the new-new, I’ll show you one of my personal favorite band tees of theirs that we currently have at Dress Code.

Rasta Capitol Tee

The thing I love most about this specific shirt is the multiple color gradience within this graphic of their iconic Capitol Building Logo. From far away you might just see green yellow and red, but if you look closely you probably won’t even be able to count how many different shades of color there are. Definitely an eye-catching tee to wear. Fellow fans of BB, share with us your personal collection of gear in the comments below and keep rockin’.

Top 5 Punk Rock Tees

Top 5 Punk Rock Band Tees

To all the grown men in the world still rockin’ their knee high creepers and dying their mowhawk spikes green, this one’s for you! This is, without further adieu, the top 5 Punk Rock Band Tees…

1. Ramones

Johnny and the gang probably are the reason you’re wearing a leather jacket and you didn’t even know it. For some reason,  one of the first things that pops into my head when I think Punk Rock, is the image of the Ramones in some destroyed jeans and leather jackets, perhaps enjoying a cigarette in an alley behind the venue. So I made them #1, featuring their “pinhead skull” tee.

2. Misfits

We’ve seen the black and white Misfits “fiend” tees since the first time they were ever printed. So why not break away from the rest, and roll with the heather orange “Subway stencil” tee. Here we see the same classic fiend, given a “graffiti stencil” look. What’s more punk than graffiti and Misfits? Nothing really.

3. Dead Kennedys

Couldn’t forget about the California Kids. The Dead Kennedys were part of the “pioneer generation” that helped solidify the new music genre of Punk Rock. I really enjoy all the detail within this graphic, so I chose their “Bedtime for Democracy” Tee.

4. Bad Religion

You weren’t a true punk if you didn’t have the “shit kickers” on your feet. So I figured I’d go with the “up the punx” tee from The Dead Kennedys featuring a pair of the iconic Dr. Martens Boots with their classic “crossbuster” logo on the toe.

5. Casualties

Casualties. Regardless if you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re apart of punk rock history. Figured I’d leave the end of the list open to your discretion with their “No Liberty Here” tee. Be sure to let us know how much you hate/love the Casualties or any of the other bands I chose in the comments below.

Top 5 Metal Band T-Shirts

Metal Tees

What’s up all you Metal-heads out there!  I’m going to quickly go over my top five picks for Metal tees here at Dress Code. I’ve got a feeling some of you might have rocked your face off too hard at a show once or twice before, and possibly even ruined your favorite (insert band name here) shirt in the process. Fear not rocker, this post was made just for you!

1. Iron Maiden

 To start us off, I chose Iron Maiden. For those of you that may not know, I specifically chose this graphic because this was the cover of they’re debut self-titled album in 1980 when the world was first introduced to “Eddie”.

2. Black Sabbath

With their recent collaboration with Converse creating a big buzz, I felt it was only right to pay homage to the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath. Here is the album cover to their fourth album they released, that they obviously spent a good amount time to come up with titled, “Vol. 4“.

3. Metallica

This wouldn’t even be a list if Metallica wasn’t on it. Being that they’re one of the most iconic Metal bands in history, I felt it was only right to pick the famous album cover art to their 1984 classic.

4. Pantera

This time we have a sweet long sleeve tee featuring artwork from Pantera’s 5th released album from 1990, “Cowboys From Hell“. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell.

 5. Slayer

And last but certainly not least, we have the cherry to put a top our Metal-ice cream sundae, Slayer. Featured on the front blown up the entire length of the shirt, is their infamous eagle pentagram design and signature logo-type in red.

Time to Rock!

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 Metal tees list, and if you didn’t, then go make your own list bo-zo! And if you still need to replace that old, ratty “Justice For All” tee, you know where to find us. Let us know YOUR top picks for metal tees in the comments below!



Kid Cudi

The Man on the Moon’s Merch

Kid Cudi

A lot of Kid Cudi’s fans have had some mixed feelings on his recent decision to end his label Dream On, in partnership with his mentor, Kanye West’s Record label, G.O.O.D. Music. But that didn’t stop him from already releasing a new (crappy) album this year. I thought Indicud was a great listen overall (with exception of the chick screaming on “Red Eye”) and also thought it was cool that he did most of his own production for the album. But Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon is a completely different story whether he produced it or not. Unfortunately, I am desperately trying to stay on board as a fan after this “Doozie” of a project.Space Man

This is just a tragic sight… that suit isn’t going to help anyone get to the moon. He needs to just throw his space-man suit in the garbage. It has to be what’s suffocating his brain from making good music anymore.Kid Cudi Coachella Outfit
And don’t even get me started on this “men’s” crop-top he wore during his Coachella performance last weekend. He looks like he’s running late for jazzercise class.

I think it’s safe to say the only thing that hasn’t completely changed much is his “off-stage” fashion sense. Off-stage, he still keeps his style “simply complex” as I like to call it. His outfits may seem typical at times, but the exclusive and hard-to-find garments and accessory pairings are what make his outfits unique. Yeah that may be just a plain black t-shirt, but it’s probably a french or italian cotton-blend tee that could pay my rent for the next three months. And the Bape letterman jacket over top of it will definitely make you look more than twice.Kid Cudi Old photo of Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi trying on his new BAPE Shark Varsity Letterman

 Can We Still Be Fans?

I have promised myself that  I would wait until his next project released until I make my final decision, in hopes he will redeem not only himself but some of his day-one fans as well. I will continue to listen to all his classic material until then. For those of you that are Team Mescudi for life, be sure to fulfill all your Moon-Man Merchandise needs at Dress Code. Let us know what you guys thought of the new album and tell us what direction you think he’s going with his sound in the comments below.