Top 5 Board Shorts for Summer 2014

A Wavy Summer 2014

Summer’s officially here and the pool parties are right around the corner. So I went ahead and threw together a quick guide to Board Shorts for those of you in need of some new swim swag. I picked 5 pairs (in no particular order) to help get you guys started.

Huf Plant Life Boardshort

 These Huf Boardshorts were made “exclusively” for the plant-lifers out there. You will be stylin’ and profilin’ at the pool parties or on the beach.

Volcom Heathered Fana Boardshort

 Keepin’ it classy, we have the Heathered Fana from Volcom with a cool “floral paisley” pattern. Also available in a military green colorway.

Quiksilver Bulls Boardshort

 Quiksilver recently released boardshorts from professional sports teams ranging from the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL. Show your team pride while you’re by the water this summer.

Stussy Beach Camo Boardshort

 Stay true to your streetwear style with some Stussy  Beach Camo boardshorts. “Gold” Camo with a cargo pocket on the right leg.

O’Neill Jordy Superfreak Boardshort

 For the dude’s that like to keep they’re style a little more simplified, these O’neill Superfreaks will be your go-to beach/pool uniform this summer. Simple white “wave stripes”  across the front and back of the black boardshorts.

Swim On!

Hope this guide helped you guys get into that summer mind-set or maybe gave you a worse case of summer fever than you already had. Fear not young fella, you will be pool partying within the next two-three weeks or so. Tell us what pair you ended up going with in the comments below and have a fun and safe summer!




Stylin’ Shades

Sunglasses For Summer

Here is a super quick “style-guide” on sunglasses for both men and women. Going to go over some popular designs and styles from various brands. I’m not going to go TOO far into detail though, so that the element of surprise helps influence your decision when you’re shopping for your new pair. Here it is…


Nowadays, Ray-Ban and Persol aren’t the only brands doing every possible rendition of the classic “wayfarer” design, made iconic by JFK during his presidency. You can now find similar designs in millions of different colorways from brands like SUPER, Oakley, and even NEFF.


As we see the classic sunglass designs becoming more and more popular today, there’s no way I could forget about the wire-frame shades. Big, small, round, aviator, silver, and gold. The options are endless believe it or not. You could even get on your Johnny Depp/Fear and Loathing steeze and rock the orange tinted lenses in yours.

Choose Your Own Destiny

I have given you guys the two most popular sunglass “genres” to check out when you start shopping, now it’s just time for you to make a decision for yourself. Just remember, when you can’t decide between two, just get both. That’s just double the style points that the ladies will notice in your summer wardrobe, duh! Tell us your style preference and what pair you’re thinking about picking up in the comments below.

Top 5 Clearance Items From Mishka Right Now

Top 5 Clearance Items From Mishka Right Now

Here’s another sale-guide for you guys. This time around we’ve got the top five items from Mishka. Here it is..

1. Cyco Serpent Tee

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46Some Death Adders tye-dye for you summer-born hippies. I’m actually really liking the single color dye pattern, I might just have to scoop one myself.

2. Spaceship Tee

Was: $29.95 NOW: $19.47At first glance this shirt instantly takes me back to Epcot at Disney World when I went as a kid. Classic Mishka Eyeball logo given it’s similar texture to give it that “spacey” look.

3. Keep Watch Crest Tank

Was: $31.95 NOW: $20.77For those of you out there that like to keep it a little more simple, this is the tank for you. Their famous “keep watch” slogan  in a banner with the eyeball appropriately placed above it. You probably forgot Mishka is worldwide, huh?

4. Death Worldwide Snapback

Was: $29.95 NOW: $14.98Two different fonts both reminiscent of the original Sports team hats from back in the day, the Death worldwide Snapback has a “classic” feel to it regardless of the word “death” splayed across the front. Make mom proud and scoop this gem today.

5. Zombie VII Revisited Tee

Was: $31.95 NOW: $20.77

This grimey full-shirt graphic will definitely turn some heads. Staying true to their sinister aesthetic, Mishka throws some “zombies” on the front and back of the shirt from neck to hem.


Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

The Summer Steeze

This is just going to be a quick post on summer style trends. I will be posting one of these periodically throughout this Spring/Summer 2014 season. As we all know trends happen whether we agree with them or not, just ask the king of the leather sweatpants himself, Kanye West. But (usually) like all trends, they slowly fade away. Then something else “new” and “cool” that we didn’t know already happened before our time starts trending again and the cycle continues. So with that being said, I’m going to quickly touch on a current streetwear trend I like or don’t like.

All-over Print Patterns

One current “trend” I have been seeing more of in a lot of street wear brands right now is not only the use of custom all-over print/ textile patterns, but the variety of garments brands are making using these patterns. From snapbacks and 5-panel hats, to button-up shirts, hoodies, tees, and even boxer briefs. The more creative the garment the better, and lately that’s what brands seem to be doing in attempts to separate themselves from the “industry pack”.13793285

Here we have the Raise Up Chip Camo Tee from 10.DEEP featuring two different patterns that split the shirt in half from a “Floral” print down into a custom Saftey Orange Camouflage pattern.

There are some pieces I’ve seen lately that a like, but the number of patterns I wouldn’t wear seems to always out weighs the number of ones I would. Experiment on your own with different patterns/garments, but don’t go over board with one outfit of multiple patterns, you’ll be looking like Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada.





Top 5 Clearance Items From 10 Deep Right Now

10 Deep

Here’s another quick sale guide to help you guys get your closet right for summertime, even if you have come down with a case of the “low-funds” like myself.  This time around, we take a look at some pieces from currently, one of the most popular brands in street wear/hip-hop culture, 10 Deep.  Here we go folks…

1. Bad News Raglan

Was: $43.95  NOW: $32.96


This tropical “baseball tee” will go great with your khaki cargo shorts. Maybe even grab the snapback to match and get on a whole ‘nother level of cool.

2. Double Vision Tee

Was: $29.95 NOW: $22.46

Here we have what appears the be the iconic John Wayne having a smoke break within the first image. Stripped together going the opposite way is a spooky skull with a cigarette in it’s mouth. Smoking kills kids.

3. Peace Tank Top

Was: $29.95 NOW: $19.47

Everyone knows you gotta have at least a few tanks in your closet for those days when you run out of lemonade. 10 Deep did a cool “stripe type” pattern using the word “tenth” going backwards across the entire front and back of the tank.

4. Monticello Snapback

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46

Lately, it seems as though you can’t possibly go wrong with a camo print piece  added to your outfit. Here, 10 Deep uses their own camouflage rendition on a snapback hat. Add the classic “10 Deep” script logo embroidered in an off-white stitching  on the front and you’ve got a dope summer head piece for your wardrobe.

5. Ironsides 5-Panel

Was: $33.95 NOW: $25.46

And last but not least we have the infamous 5-panel hat. This unique 5-panel uses an “Astrology” all-over print pattern with “10 Deep” screen printed on both side panels of the hat. Now you won’t have to “watch the stars” with your lady friend you can just tell her to look at you.


Big Guava 2014

Big Guava Music Festival

“What the hell’s a Big Guava?!”

Some of you hipsters may already know, but most of you (myself included) probably didn’t know about one of the next up and coming music festivals to hit the scene that’s coming up next month, called Big Guava Music Festival. This three day, multiple-stage festival in Tampa is going to be like many others in the fact that it showcases “everyone’s favorite artists” like Foster The People or Slightly Stoopid, but what really makes the BG unique is that it’s focus isn’t solely on the music, but more so the entire experience of the event. From theme park rides to food trucks, and even a wide selection craft beers on hand, the Guava’s got it all. But what should you wear to this festival? Is it leather-fringe headband and “mens” Speedo acceptable like Coachella? Let’s all hope not…

Big Guava Fashion: What to Expect

The nice thing about Big Guava being a “brand-new festival” is that the tickets are relatively cheap. For just 75 big ones (per day) you can go see the entire lineup scheduled for your ticketed day of the Festival. So that means you can hopefully have some money left over to buy a new outfit or two for the big date(s). What can you expect people to be wearing? Well, like any public gathering of “people” you will always see at least a few wild ones, especially if there’s music and booze involved. But to maybe help you get started, I’ll quickly touch on a couple trend predictions that I have for you.

Bucket Hats

Just as I had predicted in my previous Coachella post, bucket hats are becoming a major trend among the music fest-goers. Something about the 360 degree sun protection is just so “in” right now. 

Even Justin Bieber in all of his lameness tried wearing one….

Camouflage Patterns

From girls in ratty over-sized army jackets, to the dudes with their digi-camo tank top “matching” their woodland cargo shorts, I’m predicting that you can definitely expect to see a lot of camo-print garments around the venue. But please folks, try to limit your outfit to one pattern only. You don’t wanna be in multiple fake branches of the military.

Camo is cool, but please don’t drown yourself in it. You will attract people like this and unless that’s what you want, I’d stop now while you still have your dignity. And your shirt on…

Get Your Gear Right

Now that I’ve kindly pointed you in a direction away from nipple piercings, it’s time to shop. Whether you’re feeling militant, festive, or a perfect combination of both, Dress Code always holds you down with the sweet sales and band merchandise for all your favorite artists. Be sure to let us know how you’ll be piecing together your concert outfits in the comments below.

CageTheElephant  at coachella

Cage The Elephant 2014 Tour – Show in Tucson

Cage The Elephant was one of the victims of Coachella’s insane over the top energy just before their show in Tucson.


The Bowling Green Kentucty based band was nice enough to make a pit stop for a meet and greet thrown by yours truly Dress Code Clothing for some lucky fans before their show later that night here in Tucson.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 1

Meeting the band was so sick . I still remember when  Beavis & Butthead did  a hilarious commentary on their music video  “In One Ear.” What was really sweet about this meet & greet was the band came around & mingled with the fans like average joes. I got to ask them what some of there favorite sets were at Coachella  and just chill. They even shared some of there pop rock goodies with me. All around they were a really cool bunch of dudes.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 2

The show they played later that night at the famous Rialto Theater was a sight to see . The show  was sold out to a whopping 1200 screaming fans.

Rialto Cage The Elephant

Check out official Cage The Elephant Merch at Dress Code.


KFMA Day 2014

KFMA Day 2014

What’s up rockers! I’m starting to sweat just on the the walk from my car into work, meaning summer is right around the corner. So you know what that means… It’s time for KFMA Day! This year’s show and festivities should definitely be on your summer to-do list if you’re in the Tucson area. For those of you that have been living under a rock in Tucson, tickets are already on sale and they usually sell out every year. If you’re planning on going, I definitely would suggest either stopping into your nearest Pizza Hut location during your lunch break, or visiting Smith’s Tix to grab your tickets ASAP! You can grab a pizza with your tickets until May 23rd, 11:59 PM, but BEWARE! After that, if and I mean IF, there happen to still be tickets available on the day of the event (May 24th), You can pick yours up at the venue box office. Be sure to get there as soon as you can or you’ll end up driving out to Kino Veteran’s Memorial Stadium for nothing. KD13 HeaderCrowd shot of KFMA Day 2013, last May. As you can see, I am not joking about getting there early. You don’t want to be that guy watching from the grand-stands with binoculars.

The Line-up

This year Linkin Park will be headlining the festival so make sure you’re a properly prepared fan, and get fitted right in some of their Band Merchandise. Or for those of you looking forward to Sublime‘s set, we’ve also got you covered ladies and gentlemen. It only makes sense to go to a show the right way; wearing your favorite band merch from whoever you’re wanting  to see play, duh!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled People!

As you know, music is life for all of us over at Dress Code. This year, we will be in attendance selling our new Dress Code tees, handing out stickers, and will also have a ton of pieces from our sweet body jewelry selection for sale, on-site. You’ll probably feel like a loser if you miss out, so keep your eyes peeled for the Dress Code tents while walking around and stop by and say “what’s up” when you see us! Let us know what show you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.



Top 5 Clearance Items From Diamond Supply Co. Right Now

Diamond Supply Co.

I went ahead and threw together this quick little “sale-guide” of the top five items from Diamond Supply for the fans that are on a budget, looking to score some new gear for summer. I will go over a variety of products available at Dress Code, so no section in your closet will be lacking. Let’s get into it.

1. Trillian 5-Panel

A nice neutral colored hat for maximum outfit pairings. Grey Canvas 5-Panel with Navy diamonds and matching woven label on the front.

2. Victory Swords Tee

Available in multiple colorways all with the same awesome quote running along the bottom edge of the circle. “Wish for others what you wish for yourself.”

3. Ben Baller Un-Polo Raglan

Un-Polo Raglan


This limited Collaboration between Diamond and Celebrity Jeweler, Ben Baller is still available. Perfect for those breezy summer evenings.

4. Archangel Tee

archangel tee


A nice change of pace from Diamonds usual t-shirt graphics. A shiny diamond as the centerpiece for these lovely ladies to look at.

5. Castillian Sunglasses

A summer necessity unless you’re the human torch. Nice sturdy frames with gold diamonds on the arms. “Get Your Shine On.”

Kid Cudi

The Man on the Moon’s Merch

Kid Cudi

A lot of Kid Cudi’s fans have had some mixed feelings on his recent decision to end his label Dream On, in partnership with his mentor, Kanye West’s Record label, G.O.O.D. Music. But that didn’t stop him from already releasing a new (crappy) album this year. I thought Indicud was a great listen overall (with exception of the chick screaming on “Red Eye”) and also thought it was cool that he did most of his own production for the album. But Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon is a completely different story whether he produced it or not. Unfortunately, I am desperately trying to stay on board as a fan after this “Doozie” of a project.Space Man

This is just a tragic sight… that suit isn’t going to help anyone get to the moon. He needs to just throw his space-man suit in the garbage. It has to be what’s suffocating his brain from making good music anymore.Kid Cudi Coachella Outfit
And don’t even get me started on this “men’s” crop-top he wore during his Coachella performance last weekend. He looks like he’s running late for jazzercise class.

I think it’s safe to say the only thing that hasn’t completely changed much is his “off-stage” fashion sense. Off-stage, he still keeps his style “simply complex” as I like to call it. His outfits may seem typical at times, but the exclusive and hard-to-find garments and accessory pairings are what make his outfits unique. Yeah that may be just a plain black t-shirt, but it’s probably a french or italian cotton-blend tee that could pay my rent for the next three months. And the Bape letterman jacket over top of it will definitely make you look more than twice.Kid Cudi Old photo of Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi trying on his new BAPE Shark Varsity Letterman

 Can We Still Be Fans?

I have promised myself that  I would wait until his next project released until I make my final decision, in hopes he will redeem not only himself but some of his day-one fans as well. I will continue to listen to all his classic material until then. For those of you that are Team Mescudi for life, be sure to fulfill all your Moon-Man Merchandise needs at Dress Code. Let us know what you guys thought of the new album and tell us what direction you think he’s going with his sound in the comments below.