CageTheElephant  at coachella

Cage The Elephant 2014 Tour – Show in Tucson

Cage The Elephant was one of the victims of Coachella’s insane over the top energy just before their show in Tucson.


The Bowling Green Kentucty based band was nice enough to make a pit stop for a meet and greet thrown by yours truly Dress Code Clothing for some lucky fans before their show later that night here in Tucson.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 1

Meeting the band was so sick . I still remember when  Beavis & Butthead did  a hilarious commentary on their music video  “In One Ear.” What was really sweet about this meet & greet was the band came around & mingled with the fans like average joes. I got to ask them what some of there favorite sets were at Coachella  and just chill. They even shared some of there pop rock goodies with me. All around they were a really cool bunch of dudes.

Cage the elephant meet and greet 2

The show they played later that night at the famous Rialto Theater was a sight to see . The show  was sold out to a whopping 1200 screaming fans.

Rialto Cage The Elephant

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