Linkin Park: Still Crawling in 2014

Linkin Park was in heavy rotation on my first generation iPod mini back in the middle school days, as it was for almost any teen growing up in the late 90′s/ early 2000′s and they haven’t slowed up their pace ever since.

With five platinum albums already under Linkin Park’s belt and their recent KMFA Day set, they’re kicking off a new tour today for their upcoming album, “The Hunting Party”, releasing June 17th, in Lisbon, Portugal at the Rock in Rio Festival. From there you can actually stream coverage of the concert today live. You can also pre-order “The Hunting Party” deluxe package exclusively on Linkin Park’s website, in the meantime.


On top of the venues they’re playing on their album promotion tour this june, they will be teaming up with 30 seconds to Mars with special guest, AFI joining them for the Carnivores Tour that kicks off on August 8th, in West Palm Beach, FL. With Linkin Park still going strong, it was only right they keep the band merchandise rolling, and they did just that releasing a wide range of merch from custom designed Linkin Park “Jungle X Boots” to even their own Stage Light music production software from Open Labs featuring exclusive sounds from Mike Shinoda and the gang’s personal sound library. Be sure to check out their live footage from Rock in Rio Festival today, and let us know if you’ll be making it to any of Linkin Park’s shows this summer in the comments below.

DC Shoes Defies Convention

DCSHOECO has shed light onto the culture of skateboarding since 1994 and is continuing to lead the pack as an extreme sports enthused company today. Originally established as a Skate company, DC SHOES revolutionized not only the sport itself, but also changed the way skateboarding footwear was designed forever. DC has now expanded into a multi-sport/lifestyle corporation with ties in the Snow/Ski industry as well as motor-sports. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the growing legacy of DC, and there’s no telling what ground breaking moves will be made in the years to come for the world-renowned brand.

To celebrate 20 years of success, DCSHOECO released DEFYCONVENTION \ 20 YEARS OF DC IN PHOTOGRAPHSa limited edition book to commemorate the progression of the brand through a spread of photos curated by DC’s own action sports photographer, Michael Blabac. On top of the book release, DC has also created six different 20th Anniversary photo tees featuring the likes of day-one ambassador Danny Way, Travis Pastrana, Big Black, and Ken Block himself. Each tee uses a photo captured by Blabac during one of DC’s countless monumental moments over the years as a brand. I guess they thought Rob Dyrdek wasn’t necessary for this capsule, with him already currently having his own line through DC and all. Not to mention, the partial owner of the brand played a giant role in the progression of the brand during the 90′s and early 2000′s as a member of DC’s skateboarding team and continues to help push the limits within the skateboarding community. Take look at some pieces from the Dyrdek collection and be sure to also check out the DEFCON tees.

Finding the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

When deciding on a new pair of shades for the summer, your number one question/concern should always be, “do these fit my face correctly?” Now, sure you could just wing it and grab a pair at random, but if you’re reading this you’ve already proved that your personal style is important to you and you like to look your best at all times(way to go!). That being said, sunglasses are essentially the cherry on top of the sundae, that is your outfit and will either accentuate your overall look or completely kill the style you’ve worked hard to maintain. You don’t want to look like the 4-year old kid at Disneyland with the bottom of his full size “souvenir” aviators well past his cheek bones.  A lot of people claim they’re picky or “sunglasses they like are hard to find.” I’m going to quickly go over how to get over this hump. Whether you have a round/circular face, a more angular face or have a prominent jaw line or any other possible face shape, I can direct you towards the style that suits you best.


With the traditional wayfarer as well as round, wire-frame styles becoming a bigger trend each year, something to keep in mind is not all frames will be the same shape/size just because it says they’re wayfarers on the price tag. Ray-Ban themselves, have re-designed their classic pre-existing silhouette, now offering multiple sizes catering to all face shapes and head sizes.

So, obviously my number one recommendation is to go into a store and try on as many different styles and frame shapes as possible, BUT if you’re more of an online shopping kind of person or don’t have access to an eyewear store, don’t you worry. I was able to find  this helpful “face-shape guide” from the folks at the Beauty Department just for you online shoppers. Use this guide if you’re having any trouble on your search for the perfect pair, and get back to us with the pair you pick up in the comments below.


6 Pairs of Shoes at Dress Code Under $80

Let’s face it. None of us like dressing up or “getting fancy” for family functions or formal events. But instead of being the guy that shows up to your buddies’ wedding reception in an old cut-sleeve tee from your favorite gym, sweats and ratty thong sandals, you CAN get dressed for your next big event without spending $1K on a suit you’ll never wear again. So that’s why I went ahead and threw together a list of the best casual shoes under $80. To the dude debating if his one and only pair of Sperrys can withstand another “formal” outing, this is for you.


Vans Authentics aren’t the only canvas shoe out there, people. Keep your casual style with the Lacoste L27 ($44.85) or Vans Zapato Del Barco C&L ($64.95).


You can always count on leather when looking for a casual shoe to “dress up” in. Try a pair of Volcom Vultures ($75) or Lacoste Wykens ($70.50) with your formal ensemble.

Other Options

Keep it classy, while saving some cash to order a pizza after the nasty salmon they served at the reception, with the Macbeth Gatsby ($48.71)or the Suede Mckinley from KR3W ($70.40)




Hurley introduces Dri-Fit

Hurley is no stranger to the world of extreme sports. Established in 1979, Hurley helped pioneer the sport of surfing, designing surfboards in Costa Mesa, California. Fast forward to today, and you can spot the signature “H” Logo just about anywhere you go in the world. Men, women, children, and even infant’s garments are now produced by the surf-culture powerhouse and continues to promote self expression, planting their roots throughout creative industries such as music  and art/photography. They’ve also incorporated some cool technological design materials into their new performance-infused apparel.

Hurley has teamed up with big brother, Nike, to bring us Hurley apparel made with Nike Dri-Fit material. You can now stay cool and “DRI” regardless if you’re exercising or not, which is especially convenient if you live in a super hot climate like Tucson, Arizona. From your typical performance garments like mesh shorts and tees, to not-so-typical sweat wicking pieces like chino pants and khaki shorts. Fusing functionality and comfort with style, Hurley’s Dri-Fit line is a prime example of sports-infused clothing. So, keep your eyes out for the “Dri-Fit” logo next time you’re shopping for some new Hurley gear. Might end up being the best purchase you ever decide to make this summer.

Dri-Fit Kontra Knit Polo:

Dri-Fit Chino Shorts:

Fox: More Than Just Motocross

Growing up in Alaska, Fox racing was a a hot commodity with all the locals, whether it was Fox Head apparel, racing gear, or a new set of Fox Shox™ for their snow mobile. Fox is known for their long-time affiliation with Motocross and other motorsport cultures, but those aren’t the only industries of focus for the brand.

Fox has not only started their transition into more of a lifestyle apparel brand, but have re-vamped their look for 2014, to say the least. They’ve simplified a lot of their shirt graphics and gone with a “cleaner” aesthetic, using their signature fox head logo as the staple of the companies’ makeover. Combining their pre-existing design technologies with their newly created tech and performance materials, Fox stepped into the performance sportswear industry with their new active apparel line. The Fox Active line features various lightweight, sweat-wicking garments tailored to the specifications of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, while still staying true their x-treme roots. From performance base layers, to various models of running shoes, Fox continues to prove their versatility as an apparel company. Here’s a look at a few pieces from the Active line.

Soleed Tech Long Sleeve
Captain Tech Long Sleeve

Motion Elite Shoe

Size Guide: Scotch & Soda

This will be a quick emphasis on the different fits of apparel from “Amsterdam Couture” brand, Scotch & Soda. We’ve had a lot of people with questions regarding sizing on shirts and non-denim pants, due to their constant use of unique materials and their intricate craftsmanship. I will quickly touch on some different fitting garments within Scotch & Soda’s collection.

Though Scotch claims their garments fit true to size, there’s always exceptions when dealing with garments that use delicate materials like cashmere, silk, and velvet. This is especially true if you’re aiming for a certain style of fit, whether it’s a baggy style you’re going for or a slim, more tailored look. S&S states in their size chart, “If your measurement is in between two sizes, order the smallest size for a tighter fit or the bigger size for a looser fit.” Seems straight forward, but how do you know which size to get for your body shape? Well for starters, it is extremely helpful to know your body measurements when deciding on a fit that suits you. That information will also allow you to play around with sizing easier, when looking for baggy or slim fitting shirts.

When delicate materials come into the picture, people that are in between sizes also tend to be unsure of which size to go with. Sure, I’m usually always a size Large in shirts myself, but I also hate buying shirts that never fit the same after a single wear/wash because of the specific cut of the shirt/shrinkage in the dryer. To help prevent this problem, I recommend referring to Scotch & Soda’s Product Care Guide on their website for any materials you may be unsure about. Here are some examples of a few different fitting garments we carry:

Cotton Tee:

For cotton tees, I’d recommend going with your usual size. They do seem to have a slightly slimmer fit but doesn’t appear to effect proportions between sizes.


For non-flannel button-ups like this shirt above, I recommend your normal size. However, this style shirt has higher cut arm-holes for the purpose of the style shirt it is, so if you want a bit of a looser fit in the arms sizing up will do the trick.


For crochet sweaters and other delicates alike, I strongly urge you check their product care guide upon reaching your final size decision.

RVCA: All Lifestyles Welcome

When you think of popular California brand RVCA, what’s the first thing that you start to think of? Maybe surfing? Maybe a group of people skateboarding? Well, you’re right about one thing. They do proudly promote the Surf and Skate scenes, but what you may not have known about,  is their true appreciation for all walks of life.

From all kinds of musicians and photographers, to “simple” college kids that maybe like to enjoy a beer or two on the weekends, RVCA is the true definition of a lifestyle clothing brand. Using a platform of classic apparel silhouettes is what I think draws in such a wide demographic of people to their company(not too mention, their cotton tees are super soft!). And there’s no denying this statement when they’re backed by brand advocates like MMA fighter, BJ Penn and world renowned music producer, Yeti Beats, just to name a few.

They continue to bring a fresh perspective to the table with help of their never ending search to discover talented and innovative individuals pushing the limits in their own industry. They designed an ongoing campaign to let us in on their findings, known as the Artist Network Program. In addition, they recently announced their involvement with the  Energy That is All Around art show taking place in NYC. Check out this cool video talking with the artists  you’ll be able to see at the show and browse the ANP tees in stock at Dress Code below:

Barry 2 Tee:

Wanted Tee:

Today Tee:


Mickey Mouse x Neff Collection

Neff’s “Magical” Release

Lifestyle brand, Neff recently teamed up Walt Disney’s very own, Mickey Mouse, for an unforgettable collaboration. Neff wasted no time with this opportunity they were given, showcasing the legacy of the Mouse everyone knows and loves, giving him more of a street wear appeal through a variety of cool products from t-shirts, to hats and accessories. Check it out.

Mousin’ Around

One of the more notable pieces from the collection was the watches. Using their “Daily” watch model as the silhouette, Neff incorporates Mickey’s signature colors into this commemorative time piece. They also did a Black and White version for those of us that aren’t big on color but still want to share the magic.


Neff really showed off their versatility with this street wear style OG Mickey Snapback featuring a giant embroidered “M” in Olde English font on the front with a small Neff hit embroidered on the side. This hat features the same custom floral pattern on the bill that they used for one of the t-shirts featured in this collection.


Neff did quite a few different t-shirt options for this collection. The Collaboration sold out pretty quick, so I figured I’d share the tees we still have. One of which, I really like myself. The M28 tee has one of the greatest truths lying within the graphic. The phrase, “Too Many People Grow Up” is cleverly placed in the bottom left corner of the graphic giving a nice extra detail to this multiple graphic design. Let us know what you ended up getting anything from the collab in the comments below.



Herschel Spring/Summer 2014

Herschel Supply Co.

There’s no denying that Herschel Supply Co. has successfully made their mark in the bags/accessories industry and are definitely here to stay. Using a wide variety of materials and patterns, Herschel redefines the term “unique” with their mixture of classic travel silhouettes and their renditions of traditional backpacks and duffle bags. Any product coming from them is high quality and the attention to detail is shines through every piece ranging from Daypacks to credit card wallets. Here’s a look at some pieces from their new collection for Spring/Summer 2014, available now at Dress Code.

Summer Vibes

Herschel came strong with bright and “sunny” colors for this Spring/Summer collection. Known for their eye-catching patterns, they introduce this new canvas striped textile pattern to add to their archives. You can pick up any one of their signature styles in this new color way whether you need a new tote bag for your beach brews this summer, or a new backpack for next semester.

Dare To Be Different

Another cool pattern they came out with this year is this custom floral pattern. We’re seeing a lot of different floral designs in the fashion industry lately, so I assume Herschel wanted to stay relevant to the current trend with this collection, while still staying true to their own aesthetics. And they did just that incorporating water-proof nylon as a base for this season’s litter of packable pieces. They used the same pattern(s) on their signature canvas backpacks, focusing on fine detailing all the way down to the outside straps of their “Little America” as well as their “City” model.

Be sure to check out the rest of the collection here, and let us know what you end up grabbing before they’re sold out in the comments below.