RVCA: All Lifestyles Welcome

When you think of popular California brand RVCA, what’s the first thing that you start to think of? Maybe surfing? Maybe a group of people skateboarding? Well, you’re right about one thing. They do proudly promote the Surf and Skate scenes, but what you may not have known about,  is their true appreciation for all walks of life.

From all kinds of musicians and photographers, to “simple” college kids that maybe like to enjoy a beer or two on the weekends, RVCA is the true definition of a lifestyle clothing brand. Using a platform of classic apparel silhouettes is what I think draws in such a wide demographic of people to their company(not too mention, their cotton tees are super soft!). And there’s no denying this statement when they’re backed by brand advocates like MMA fighter, BJ Penn and world renowned music producer, Yeti Beats, just to name a few.

They continue to bring a fresh perspective to the table with help of their never ending search to discover talented and innovative individuals pushing the limits in their own industry. They designed an ongoing campaign to let us in on their findings, known as the Artist Network Program. In addition, they recently announced their involvement with the  Energy That is All Around art show taking place in NYC. Check out this cool video talking with the artists  you’ll be able to see at the show and browse the ANP tees in stock at Dress Code below:

Barry 2 Tee:

Wanted Tee:

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