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Green Day Crushed a Surprise NYC Subway Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Yo Green Day fans! Did you see what went down in the NYC subway this week?

Green Day and Jimmy Fallon himself totally surprised everyone with a killer gig at the 50th Street station! They even went undercover at first, rocking out to “Basket Case” before revealing themselves to a freaked-out crowd. Fallon even got in on the action, shakin’ a tambourine like a champ!

The whole show wasn’t on Fallon’s show, but they released an epic bonus video with everything they played, including new tracks “Dilemma” and “Look Ma, No Brains!” These bangers are on their brand new album, Saviors, which also has “The American Dream Is Killing Me” (same, dude) and of course, “Basket Case.”

Speaking of rocking out, Green Day’s about to hit the road for a HUGE summer tour across North America to celebrate Saviors, plus the 30th and 20th anniversaries of Dookie and American Idiot (holy moly, we’re old!). The tour kicks off in D.C. on July 29th and wraps up in San Diego on September 28th. They’re bringing the Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, and the Linda Lindas along for the ride – it’s gonna be epic!

So crank up Saviors, snag some Green Day merch from their official store (ditch the link, just search for it!), and get ready to mosh this summer! \m/


New Band Merchandise from Iron Maiden

We just got in a ton of new Band Merchandise from famous English Metal Band, Iron Maiden. From your band tees to hats and other accessories, we’ve got it all for the Iron Maiden fanatic in your life. Here’s just a few tees from our collection. Check ‘em out:

Evolution of Eddie Tee

As we all know, Eddie is the infamous Mascot that has been apart of Iron Maiden from the start of their legacy in 1975. This shirt depicts the different “phases” of the character from the start of the band forming, to what he’s looking like present day.
Seventh Son Circle Tee


This Seventh Son Circle Tee features a colorful image of Eddie holding what looks to be his heart that he has replaced with a rotten apple. Within the blue background is skulls and all the “spirits” Eddie has taken.
Somewhere in Time Tee

On the Somewhere in Time tee is a definite sci-fi inspired graphic of an Eddie-esque robotic cyborg wielding a ray gun. A black and white street scenery makes up the background for this head-turning tee.
Trooper Tee

The Trooper Tee is a perfect representation of Iron Maiden. The Graphic features Eddie at war wearing the infamous English “Red Coat” uniform while holding the English Flag. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Let us know what your favorite tee is in the comments below and shop the rest of our Iron Maiden Band Merchandise here.

New Band Merchandise from Slayer

Attention all Slayer Fans: We just got in a giant shipment of new Band Tees from Slayer. I figured I’d go over just a few for you guys and let you shop the rest after. We’ve also got Women’s Band Merchandise for those of you ladies that don’t like to size down in the men’s cut tees. Check it out.

Hell Skull Tee

This Hell Skull Tee features Slayer’s scribble logo across the top and an image of a skull on fire with skulls, crosses, and the flames of “hell” within the background. 
Bier Label Tee

The Bier Label tee features a made up label featuring Slayer’s famous Eagle Crest logo as the main focus of the “label”. at the bottom of the label it reads “spilling the blood since 1981″ which is the year the band formed in California.
Black Eagle Work Shirt

This Eagle Work shirt is a Black cotton work shirt from Dickies featuring the classic red Slayer logo on the left chest above the pocket with the Eagle crest logo big on the back.
White Skull Tee

Put some white into your band tee collection with this white skull tee. Featuring black artwork of skulls with horns as well as two pentagrams cleverly placed at the top of each side of the shirt.

Shop the rest of the new Band tees from Slayer here and be sure to let us know which piece is your favorite in the comments below.

In Memory of Johnny Winter

The iconic Blues Guitarist, Singer, songwriter and producer, Johnny Winter, unexpectedly passed last week on July 16th 2014 at age 70, just two days after his performance at the Cahors Blues Festival in France. Winter was also scheduled to start his U.S. tour August 1st with his newest album, Step Back, set to release September second of this year, featuring ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Among his musical achievements, Johnny Winter produced three Grammy-Award winning albums for Muddy Waters and was also inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1988.

With his forthcoming album still set to release in September, here are a few T-Shirts for his fans to remember him by.

Roots Tee

Logo Tee

Signature Tee


Lollapalooza 2014

The famous Lollapalooza turns 23 this year, known as one of the longest going music festivals in the United States and is only continuing to get bigger as time passes. This year, Eminem will be headlining the festival in Grant Park, along with Outkast and Calvin Harris, just name a few, so there’s no wonder why tickets have been sold out for months now. Aside from your normal Music Festival experience, there are a ton of other attractions to keep you as well as your screaming children occupied.

Kids ages 10 and under get in for free, and are able to hit up “Kidzapalooza” for free also. This festival within a festival, will feature live shows for the kids as well as multiple children oriented music workshops and snack spots.
 The Grub

With Chicago’s own celeb chef, Graham Elliot hand selecting each of the local restaurants/food being served in ChowTown there is no question there will be some of the best Chicago food spots on site available for dining. From your average Chicago style hot dogs and pizza, to your not so average Lobster Corn Dogs and Spicy Mongolian Beef Baos , there will be a little something for every to “chow” on.

Now getting back to the real reason you’re all going, the music. With well over 50 different acts performing in just 3-day span, you can expect to get enough concerts under your belt for the rest of the year. And you will also probably need some cool Band/Artist merchandise to rock at the shows. As always, we’ve got you covered on that end. Let us know who you are most looking forward to seeing in the comment section and check out a few tees I picked below.

Eminem Horror Tee

Calvin Harris X-Ray Tee

Cage The Elephant Tiny Little Robots Tee

Nas Posterized Tee

RIP Tommy Ramone

July 11th marked a very sad day for punk rock/music fans worldwide, when it was announced that Tommy Erdelyi, better known under his stage name, Tommy Ramone, as the drummer for one of the most influential Punk Rock bands in music history had passed away. He was the last living member of The Ramones, passing at the age of 65. He had been undergoing hospice treatment at his home in Queens, New York for his battle with Bile Duct Cancer.

Legendary is a total understatement to describe this remarkable musician. Being that The Ramones are one of the most popular bands in the history of music, let alone punk rock, Tommy’s legacy as well as the rest of the band members will live on through all of their timeless music and their merchandise. Pay homage to this incredible group of individuals that shaped Rock n Roll Culture with a nice keep sake in the form of a tee shirt or tank top. Gone, but never could The Ramones possibly be forgotten.

“It wasn’t just music in The Ramones: it was an idea. It was bringing back a whole feel that was missing in rock music – it was a whole push outwards to say something new and different. Originally it was just an artistic type of thing; finally I felt it was something that was good enough for everybody.” – Tommy Ramone, 1978

Shop Ramones Band Merchandise here

Crystal Castles – Band Merchandise

The dynamic duo of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass, better known for the experimental electronic group, Crystal Castles, formed in Toronto in 2004. Ethan and Alice have been touring all over the world since 2008 with both members spinning  CC inspired DJ sets in between their tours/performances as of late. From Coachella performances, to they’re “home made” music video aesthetic, they appeal to a unique group of fans and draw in a lot of different people looking for something to enjoy and be apart of.

Although they are “boxed in” as an electronic group, they have a very distinct sound unlike any other group in their genre. The seemingly dark tones give their music more of a rebellious or goth feel as opposed to the pop crap garbage you’d hear on the radio. There’s still no sign of a release date for their upcoming album (IV) but we’re hoping for at least some official info by the end of this year. Check out our new Band Merchandise from Crystal Castles and support your favorite group of the underground. While we wait for any new release info, let’s take a trip down memory lane with one of their hit singles, Crimewave:

Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on any new music festivals or shows coming up, so I thought today I would do that really quickly for you. This year, the Rockstar Mayhem Festival is rolling through Phoenix, Arizona on July 11th with an entire day packed full of performances from bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Cannibal Corpse just to name a few. If I was able to go myself, I’d be really stoked to be able see the man, myth, and legend, Ice-T rip the stage with Body Count. Here’s a full lineup announcement video for you guys:

I figured I’d post this sooner than later, so you guys can get your tickets early and get ready for the show. And as always, if you’re looking for any band merchandise to wear to the show, you know we’ve got you guys covered on whatever you may need. Let us know if you’re going and also share who you’re most looking forward to seeing in the comments below.

Women’s Band Merchandise

We’ve done quite a bit of menswear posts, so I thought I would switch it up today and do a quick band merchandise post for the ladies. We’ve got a load of women’s tees and tanks from a ton of different bands, not to mention the Rockstar Mayhem festival right around the corner. Whether you’re gearing up for the festival or are just wanting some new band tees, this should help get your band merchandise game on point. Let’s check it out.

The Beatles

This lightweight sublimated Beatles “Yellow Submarine” tee will keep you cool and colorful this summer and would also pair well with any of the shoes from the recent Vans x Beatles collaboration.

Guns n Roses

Racerback tanks are a pretty dominant trend in women’s fashion right now, so why not rep your favorite band while also staying cool and stylish this summer with this Guns n Roses Tank top.


I couldn’t mention the Rockstar Mayhem Festival without including a band or two playing the event. So here’s the Korn “HoneyComb” tee. The white double stitched sleeves/hem give it a nice layered look in just one shirt.

Avenged Sevenfold

I know I’m tired of seeing the same old black and white “Deathbat” tee worn by men,women, children all over the world. Break the mold for Avenged Sevenfold fans with this cool “Sunglasses Logo” tee.

Kurt Cobain

This is an awesome women’s tee. Kind of wish it came in a men’s fit as well. The legendary Kurt Cobain featured on the front, playing with his cat. The perfect tee for any female Nirvana fan.