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Unveiling the Ultimate Studded Punk Rock Belt: A Style Statement with Substance

In the world of punk rock fashion, a belt is not just a utilitarian accessory; it’s a statement piece that speaks volumes about one’s attitude and style. Enter the ultimate studded punk rock belt – a masterpiece that combines high-quality craftsmanship with edgy aesthetics to create a must-have accessory for any rebel at heart.

Crafted from premium synthetic leather, this belt is a testament to durability and style. Gone are the days when belts would wear out after just a few months of use. With its reinforced material, this belt holds its appearance longer, ensuring that you can rock your punk look with confidence for years to come.

One of the standout features of this belt is its double-coated studs, which not only add extra shine but also exude an undeniable aura of rebellion. Each stud is securely attached with heavy-duty staples, guaranteeing that they will stay in place no matter how wild the mosh pit gets.

But style isn’t the only thing this belt has to offer. Practicality meets punk with the inclusion of a 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Plus, with five adjustable holes spaced 1 inch apart, finding the perfect fit is a breeze. Whether you’re cinching it tight for a night of headbanging or wearing it loosely for a casual stroll, this belt has you covered.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what customers have to say:

Aaron: “I was skeptical due to several reviews but the belt is actually of decent quality. This belt is purely for style purposes obviously. If you’re yanking on it…. you probably should find a more suitable belt. Like a carthartt belt.”

Marlon Julien: “This Belt Looks Very elegant Kool ‘has Shiney Black metal Studs that are very Good looking’ and Quality Leather and synthetic Leather as well… I just purchased it however I EXPECT that I will get a Lot of wear out of this belt for quite a bit of years to come!…MJ. Va.”

Whether you’re a seasoned punk rocker or just looking to add a touch of rebellious flair to your wardrobe, the ultimate studded punk rock belt is your ticket to style supremacy. With its combination of quality materials, attention to detail, and undeniable attitude, this belt is more than just an accessory – it’s a statement. So go ahead, buckle up and let your inner rebel shine.

Get your Ultimate Studded Punk Rock Belt here!

Green Day Crushed a Surprise NYC Subway Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Yo Green Day fans! Did you see what went down in the NYC subway this week?

Green Day and Jimmy Fallon himself totally surprised everyone with a killer gig at the 50th Street station! They even went undercover at first, rocking out to “Basket Case” before revealing themselves to a freaked-out crowd. Fallon even got in on the action, shakin’ a tambourine like a champ!

The whole show wasn’t on Fallon’s show, but they released an epic bonus video with everything they played, including new tracks “Dilemma” and “Look Ma, No Brains!” These bangers are on their brand new album, Saviors, which also has “The American Dream Is Killing Me” (same, dude) and of course, “Basket Case.”

Speaking of rocking out, Green Day’s about to hit the road for a HUGE summer tour across North America to celebrate Saviors, plus the 30th and 20th anniversaries of Dookie and American Idiot (holy moly, we’re old!). The tour kicks off in D.C. on July 29th and wraps up in San Diego on September 28th. They’re bringing the Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, and the Linda Lindas along for the ride – it’s gonna be epic!

So crank up Saviors, snag some Green Day merch from their official store (ditch the link, just search for it!), and get ready to mosh this summer! \m/


Iron Fist Bringing Back the Originals

The new drop from Iron Fist Summer 2015 is banging with some of their classics that put the brand on the map. The original wishbone is back strong this season for both Mens and Womens.

Iron Fist – Womens Wishbone Skater Dress


Iron Fist – Mens Wishbone T-Shirt


My other top pics for this season’s drop from Iron Fist includes this Zombie chomper tank top. This can be easily paired with your Zombie Stomper platforms for the night out.



Lastly, the Slayer tank dress that they released this season is definitely a home run for any metal fan. It’s got the right look of bad ass and metal for your wardrobe and can easily be paired with some black platforms or boots.



The brand has taken a step back to its roots this season and focused more on the prints that put them originally on the map. Staying loud and focused on detailed graphics and the rock scene.  Be sure to check out the rest of our Iron Fist collection.


Converse Size Conversion Guide – From UK, EUR, CM, USA

This article hopes to help you convert your Converse shoe size between the many different measurements used for shoes. Hopefully this short guide will help you choose the right size for your upcoming converse shoe purchase.

converse2First off, I pulled one pair of shoes from our massive warehouse so you can take a look at the sizing guide written on the outside of the shoe box. You will notice that the shoe size and conversion is actually indicated on the shoe box. Directly below the USA size the UK, EUR, and CM measurements are indicated.


In addition, if you look at the inside tongue of the shoe, the same size conversion will also be indicated. In case you already own a pair and need to simply purchase a new pair– simply reference the markings on your existing pair to make your purchase seamless.

For those of you that do not already own a pair please refer to the sizing chart shown below. Please note that this size chart only applies to the classic chuck taylor style which is any of the converse shoes that follows this silhouette for the low top version and this silhouette for the high top version. The size chart does NOT apply to any other version of the shoe including: jack purcell, slip-on, skate line, etc…  For the best fit we also recommend that you try on a pair at your local store. However if this is not an option, this chart provides the same information indicated on all of the shoe boxes.

 Converse size conversion chart between US, UK, EUR, CM,

US Men’s Size UK Size US Women’s Size European Size Centimeter
3 3 5 35 22
3.5 3.5 5.5 36 22.5
4 4 6 36.5 23
4.5 4.5 6.5 37 23.5
5 5 7 37.5 24
5.5 5.5 7.5 38 24.5
6 6 8 39 25
6.5 6.5 8.5 39.5 25.5
7 7 9 40 26
7.5 7.5 9.5 41 26.5
8 8 10 41.5 27
8.5 8.5 10.5 42 27.5
9 9 11 42.5 28
9.5 9.5 11.5 43 28.5
10 10 12 44 29
10.5 10.5 12.5 44.5 29.5
11 11 13 45 30
11.5 11.5 13.5 46 31.5
12 12 14 46.5 32
13 13 15 47.5 33
14 14 16 48.5 34
15 15 17 49.5 35
16 16 18 50.5 36

One thing you may notice is that the US and the UK version of the sizes are the same.  For all US Shoe buyers we recommend that you read our blog post on Getting the Right Size. This article provides additional vital information for US converse buyers.

A Guide to Diesel Denim Jeans

This is a guide to understanding Diesel denim jeans. I will touch on the different fits available within the brand. Also, be sure to check out my other Diesel articles regarding wash codes and denim treatment.

My first pair of Diesel jeans were bought in late 2010. I still own my first pair and wear them occasionally. That being said—I believe that the right pair of jeans can hold up over years of wear; and still present itself with elegant style. I am writing this guide so that newcomers with the brand can familiarize themselves beyond just garments that hang in their closet.  Furthermore, to educate shoppers for their next purchase.

The Fit!

Many beginners overlook the importance of fit when it comes to purchasing their first pair of designer jeans. Fit is essential,  a pair of premium denim jeans can only maximize your style if it is outfitted properly to your body. Below is a summary of the most popular diesel fits available. Please note that your sizing for most of the jean styles will remain inline. The only exception in Diesel denim sizing occurs when moving to a skinny fit. If you are moving between relaxed and straight leg fit there should almost no concern about changing sizes.

Skinny Jeans

Shioner:  A classic skinny carrot fit jean. These jeans will sit low on your waist. They present a slim fit through the thigh and get even slimmer as the jean moves down to your ankle. To understand the carrot fit, simply Imagine a slim carrot: slightly wider at the top and narrows down to the tip. Zipper-fly. (My first pair of Diesels!) This fit is very similar to the Levi’s 511 Skinny jean.


The sleenker skinny in distressed wash

Diesel Skinny Jeans

Thavar: This is Diesel’s signature and most popular take on their low rise skinny jean.  I consider these jeans to be a slight bit slimmer than the 511 Levi’s jeans. However, they are not quite as skinny as the Levi’s 510.  I consider these to be an essential to any Diesel fanatic if you can compromise a little comfort for the perfect skinny fit.

Sleenker: One of the few mid-rise skinny jeans. The leg start as a slim leg and tapers down to a skinny fit. Most versions of the sleenker have a stretch fabric. Unlike most traditional skinny jeans, this one is a button-fly.


Straight Leg Options

Safado: Diesel argues that this is their most popular fit. The safado is a straight leg jean with a mid-rise. Typically a button-fly jean.  This is Diesel’s premium take on the classics Levi’s 501 jean.

Waykee: Mid-rise jean, straight leg jean with a Zip fly. One of Diesel’s re-take on the safado, however a slightly slimmer fit.

Viker: Mide Rise, straight leg Jeans with button-fly. I have been told that this style is being phased out of their line.  However, this again is a classic re-take on the Levi’s 501 from a premium line.

 The Diesel Safado JeansThe Diesel Safado Jeans


The Boot-Cut Scenario

Diesel Bootcut New-Fanker Jeans

Diesel Bootcut New-Fanker Jeans

Zatiny: This pair of jeans is a slim boot-cut. I consider this to be a micro boot-cut because the flare near the bottom of the jeans is very minimal. Which makes it a great pair to outfit with either sneakers or boots.  Button-fly.

New-Fanker:  Similar in fit to the Zatiny, the new fanker is a mid-rise slim bootcut jean with a button-fly.

Zathan: Diesel’s classic bootcut jean. Button Fly closure. Currently Diesel’s only true bootcut option. However, there are plans of another mainstream bootcut option releasing late in 2014 that will also have a presence in their line.

 Alternative Fits

Darron: Presents a slim tapered fit with a mid-rise. This style jeans provides a slim-fit look with little compromise to comfort. This jean has the signature patch above the right back pocket. Typcially not seen in other Diesel jeans. Button-fly jean.

Larkee: The relaxed straight leg option presented by Diesel. One word describes this jean: comfort. Plenty of room in seat and thigh. The jeans provide a very traditional look.

Jogg: The jogg jean has received a lot of attention from Diesel in the past months. The jean itself comes in various fits– however it is more notorious for being available in the skinny / slim fits. The idea behind the jean is the material. Denim on the outside, however the inner parts of the jean are close to a sweat-pant material feel.  This hybrid combination provides supreme comfort and Diesel’s notorious washes do not skip a beat on style. This jean has been at the front of Diesel’s marketing campaign as they bring style without any compromise to comfort.