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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II: Product Review

Converse has revamped their classic All Star silhouette. And we like it. In this post I will address the similarities and differences between the new Chuck II and the original Converse All Star.

The first big change is the new box. The construction is sturdier and the box just seems more solid. The branding on the top of the box is a nice change from the plain black top on the old boxes. Once we popped the box open, another little change took us by surprise; The All Star II’s we got included an extra pair of laces. Little touches make all the difference, don’t they?

the new Chuck II with extra pair of laces and the new Box.

the new Chuck II with extra pair of laces and the new Box.

The most noticeable change between the classic Chuck Taylor All Star’s and the All Star II’s is the extra padding all around. From the new insole that’s included, to little bits of extra padding on the tongue and around the heel; the Chuck II’s are definitely more comfortable. The basic construction of the shoe hasn’t seen much change. So, anyone who is used to the old silhouette of the Chuck Taylor’s and is worried about the new style of the All Star II being too different can rest easy. Also, the sizing has remained the same, which is good news for fans of the classic Chuck Taylor’s. For the uninitiated, click here  to see our sizing guide for converse chucks.

Let me stress that these Chuck’s are much more comfortable. They are now sporting Nike’s Lunarlon insole, which is a lightweight, removable option as opposed to the old model’s unwavering, flat footed insole. Another addition is perforated micro-suede padding on the inside of the tongue, as well as on the sides and heel of the foot bed. Not only does this provide an extra layer of comfort, this also keeps the foot in place a little better inside of the shoe. Another little change that goes a long way is the addition of an elastic band to the tongue of the shoe. Again, this keeps the tongue from shifting around as you wear them and helps keep the foot in place, as well.

The biggest aesthetic changes are incredibly subtle, if not downright unnoticeable. The tongue on the All Star II’s now has less of a raw edge, and instead has a heavier lining stitched to it. The solid piping on the sole is now striped. The eyelets seem to be a little sturdier. They look practically identical. Practically. Somehow, the All Star II’s look more solid. Perhaps it’s the higher quality canvas they used, or maybe the extra padding adds an extra layer of support for the shape of the shoe.

All of these changes do come with a price, though. The Chuck Taylor All Star II’s are about twenty dollars more than the classic Chuck Taylor’s. They are also not available in all of the cool colors and textures as the classic All Star’s. They are also only available at select retailers right now. Right now the options for the new model are fairly limited. However, fans of the classic black and white, grey and white, or white on white Converse have nothing to worry about.

Overall, these are a great addition to the Converse family of shoes, and will be a great addition to my collection .


Converse Size Conversion Guide – From UK, EUR, CM, USA

This article hopes to help you convert your Converse shoe size between the many different measurements used for shoes. Hopefully this short guide will help you choose the right size for your upcoming converse shoe purchase.

converse2First off, I pulled one pair of shoes from our massive warehouse so you can take a look at the sizing guide written on the outside of the shoe box. You will notice that the shoe size and conversion is actually indicated on the shoe box. Directly below the USA size the UK, EUR, and CM measurements are indicated.


In addition, if you look at the inside tongue of the shoe, the same size conversion will also be indicated. In case you already own a pair and need to simply purchase a new pair– simply reference the markings on your existing pair to make your purchase seamless.

For those of you that do not already own a pair please refer to the sizing chart shown below. Please note that this size chart only applies to the classic chuck taylor style which is any of the converse shoes that follows this silhouette for the low top version and this silhouette for the high top version. The size chart does NOT apply to any other version of the shoe including: jack purcell, slip-on, skate line, etc…  For the best fit we also recommend that you try on a pair at your local store. However if this is not an option, this chart provides the same information indicated on all of the shoe boxes.

 Converse size conversion chart between US, UK, EUR, CM,

US Men’s Size UK Size US Women’s Size European Size Centimeter
3 3 5 35 22
3.5 3.5 5.5 36 22.5
4 4 6 36.5 23
4.5 4.5 6.5 37 23.5
5 5 7 37.5 24
5.5 5.5 7.5 38 24.5
6 6 8 39 25
6.5 6.5 8.5 39.5 25.5
7 7 9 40 26
7.5 7.5 9.5 41 26.5
8 8 10 41.5 27
8.5 8.5 10.5 42 27.5
9 9 11 42.5 28
9.5 9.5 11.5 43 28.5
10 10 12 44 29
10.5 10.5 12.5 44.5 29.5
11 11 13 45 30
11.5 11.5 13.5 46 31.5
12 12 14 46.5 32
13 13 15 47.5 33
14 14 16 48.5 34
15 15 17 49.5 35
16 16 18 50.5 36

One thing you may notice is that the US and the UK version of the sizes are the same.  For all US Shoe buyers we recommend that you read our blog post on Getting the Right Size. This article provides additional vital information for US converse buyers.


Spring/Summer 2014 Footwear Lineup

Summer Kicks

As you probably already know, we  like to keep it fresh here at Dress Code, and you might also still be trying to decide on a new pair of shoes for the summer. So, we threw together a line-up of some shoes  for both men and women to get you guys right for the summertime.


First up for the ladies, we have the all new Converse Chuck Taylor Gladiator thong sandals.

The Gladiator uses  the Converse Chuck Taylor’s classic canvas material to make up the “upper”. Along the ankle are silver rivet studs to match the silver lace eyelets. Perfect for the avid pool partier, and beach-goers.

Vans Sk8-Hi Wedge

We have been seeing a lot of companies coming out with their rendition of the new “wedge sneakers” for women. Although, I think Vans is doing it best right now, using their classic Sk8-Hi silhouette to bring this “hybrid sneaker” to fruition. Using a textured red, black-spotted canvas as the upper, they have a nice little “fur” look to them, complimented with silver eyelets and waxed red laces.

Puma Sky Wedge (Reptile)

 Keeping the Wedges rolling, we have the popular Puma Sky Wedge in their new “Reptile” colorway.  Black nylon tongue, leather ankle straps, with a suede-like material as the upper. Puma then finished off the shoe with a black “croc print” pattern wrapping the entire upper of the Sky Wedge.


Converse All Star Riff Low

This first pair is a perfect summer silhouette. Show your patriotism all summer long with the Converse All Star Riff LowThis shoe’s upper uses an american flag pattern on the classic Chuck Taylor Canvas material with a cream toe-box/tongue. Cut lower than the original CT All Star Lows, the Riff only has two lace eyelets, giving you more of a summer boat shoe look on top of a thin cut vulcanized sole with a comfy foam in-sole. I think the combination of navy piping over the eyelets and tongue, with the cream laces really brings the shoe together.

Vans Old Skool (Guate/Olive Night)

Keeping the color rolling for the summer, we have the very unique Vans Old Skool. It features a multitude of colors, patterns, and materials throughout the shoe. The toe-box, tongue, heel cup, and eye-stays all feature a faded Olive/Grey canvas giving the shoe somewhat of a vintage look. A multi-color Navajo pattern makes up the upper and the sock liner is made up of a premium “peanut butter” colored leather. The brass eyelets and “work boot” laces keep true to the vintage aesthetic of the shoe. The matching “peanut butter” stripe around the out-sole is the perfect finishing touch.

Puma Future Disc Lite Op V2

For the Flashier fellas we’ve got the Puma Future Disc Lite. This wacky running model is one of my personal favorites from Puma right now. Forget your shoe laces. Disc Technology is the future. Small wires connect from the spool to the sides of the rubber “eyestays”. The teal mesh upper is topped with that black and speckled purple rubber “frame” wrapping from the outside arch around the heel to the inside arch for added support. Accent the tongue-pull in purple, with a matching patent leather toe cap, and you’ve got some serious neck-breakers for the summer.







Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse Sizing – Getting the Right Size

Converse Size Guide

This here will be a quick size guide or an insider on Converse’s shoe sizing. I will be touching on all three of their lines, Chuck Taylor’s, CONS, and Jack Purcell. I’m first going to breakdown sizing of the Chuck Taylor.



CT Hi Red

The Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the most iconic sneakers in history and has been around since my parents’ parents were in Grade School. Originally offered in the hi-top and low top silhouettes, converse has expanded their design ideas within the All-Star a ton. You can now find them in any color you can think of as well as just about any material. From Leather, to aged canvas with a zipper feature, there is a pair to catch the whole family’s attention. What some people may not know, is how the sizing works with them…

Chuck Taylor Sizing:

Converse notes that all of their CT All-Stars are unisex sizing, meaning whatever the size is, they will give you the men’s and women’s size for that specific pair. The official Converse site states they run a half-size larger than your normal shoe. They claim if you are a men’s size 11, you would be a Converse size 10.5. While this seems obvious at first glance, I have discovered exceptions in a number of different sizes offered. For example I’m a men’s size 11 through and through no matter the brand / style shoe. However, for Chucks I don’t wear the recommended 10.5, but a whole size smaller. I actually prefer a size 10 over 10.5 when buying a new pair.

I “interviewed” my Dress Code Family to see what their personal experiences have been with the shoe, and it seems that roughly half go down the recommended half-size, while the rest of us go a whole size down. I also noticed that the people going a whole size down in Chuck Taylor’s are also people that wear larger sizes.

Jack Purcell & CONS Sizing:

Jack Purcell

Aero Jams

Comparing the Jack Purcell to the Chuck Taylor, you would think the only difference between the two is the slightly different toe cap on the JP’s, right? In actuality, Converse states that the Jack Purcell model runs true to size in all models, so you won’t have to worry if you are looking to pick these up instead of some Chucks. The CONS line is where things get tricky. CONS is the lifestyle/skate line within the company, offering a wide variety of silhouettes and styles. For the skate collection, everything runs true to your normal shoe size, but with the lifestyle models such as the CTA Pro or Star Player Mid, you are recommended to go a half-size down. What’s frustrating is the lifestyle line is “assorted” in terms of sizing. Some run a half-size down and some are true to size.

My recommendation:

Anyone looking to get a pair of Converse Brand Shoes, is urged to try them on before purchasing. If you know what size you normally wear and are interested in a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, try both the whole and half size down to see what size YOU like better. For any CONS models you may be unsure about, try them on.

Unable to try on a pair at the store? No worries! Just refer to the Converse Official Site’s unisex size guide. An easy way to check the converse’s recommended shoe guide do the following.

1. Visit  converse.com
2. In the search box type the SKU / Style number of the shoe that you are interested in.
3. On the product page converse will either state the following: “Runs true to size” or “Runs a half-size large.”



Black Sabbath x Converse Capsule

Heavy Metal Kicks

Black Sabbath is arguably the best Metal Band in history, known as the pioneers of Metal after their induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. And with the band still going strong on tour for their latest studio Album, 13it only made sense to team back up with Converse for the release of their second capsule collection of sneakers.


Black Sabbath x Converse

The collection is made up of five unique sneakers, three of which are offered in the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi silhouette. The inspiration behind the collection is genius in my opinion. Commemorating their recent reunion for their newest album, 13, as well as the return of their crazy lead singer and living legend, Ozzy Osbourne, Converse uses their forever iconic artwork from their albums being used on the shoes. The die-hard Metal Heads out there might even consider this pack an “archive collection”.

Converse CT Hi Black Sabbath:

CT Hi Black SabbathFirst up, we’ve got their Debut Album that paved the way for their legacy featured on a black CT Hi. The entire upper uses the cover art accompanied by “Black Sabbath” embroidered in white complimenting the tongue, with the same black and white Sabbath logo making up the  canvas sock-liner of the shoe.

Converse CT Hi Never Say Die:

CT HI Paranoid For those of you that want to buy a pair from this collection, but  enjoy simple shoe colorways, The Never Say Die CT Hi is the pair for you. Classic black upper with the  “Black Sabbath” logo from the cover art embroidered again in white, but this time a bit larger across the heel. A collage of black and white photos of the band members is used as the sock-liner.

Converse CT Hi Paranoid:

CT Hi Paranoid


Featured on a black CT Hi is the “Paranoid” Album art on the upper of the shoe. Also running parallel down the heel tab it is embroidered in purple. Keeping relevant to the designs and cover art, “Black Sabbath” also is on the tongue of these in that same purple stitching. Be sure to compliment your pair with a Sabbath Band Tee when you finally decide on which pair fits your style.

CT Hi Paranoid Detail