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Size Guide: Scotch & Soda

This will be a quick emphasis on the different fits of apparel from “Amsterdam Couture” brand, Scotch & Soda. We’ve had a lot of people with questions regarding sizing on shirts and non-denim pants, due to their constant use of unique materials and their intricate craftsmanship. I will quickly touch on some different fitting garments within Scotch & Soda’s collection.

Though Scotch claims their garments fit true to size, there’s always exceptions when dealing with garments that use delicate materials like cashmere, silk, and velvet. This is especially true if you’re aiming for a certain style of fit, whether it’s a baggy style you’re going for or a slim, more tailored look. S&S states in their size chart, “If your measurement is in between two sizes, order the smallest size for a tighter fit or the bigger size for a looser fit.” Seems straight forward, but how do you know which size to get for your body shape? Well for starters, it is extremely helpful to know your body measurements when deciding on a fit that suits you. That information will also allow you to play around with sizing easier, when looking for baggy or slim fitting shirts.

When delicate materials come into the picture, people that are in between sizes also tend to be unsure of which size to go with. Sure, I’m usually always a size Large in shirts myself, but I also hate buying shirts that never fit the same after a single wear/wash because of the specific cut of the shirt/shrinkage in the dryer. To help prevent this problem, I recommend referring to Scotch & Soda’s Product Care Guide on their website for any materials you may be unsure about. Here are some examples of a few different fitting garments we carry:

Cotton Tee:

For cotton tees, I’d recommend going with your usual size. They do seem to have a slightly slimmer fit but doesn’t appear to effect proportions between sizes.


For non-flannel button-ups like this shirt above, I recommend your normal size. However, this style shirt has higher cut arm-holes for the purpose of the style shirt it is, so if you want a bit of a looser fit in the arms sizing up will do the trick.


For crochet sweaters and other delicates alike, I strongly urge you check their product care guide upon reaching your final size decision.