Stylin’ Shades

Sunglasses For Summer

Here is a super quick “style-guide” on sunglasses for both men and women. Going to go over some popular designs and styles from various brands. I’m not going to go TOO far into detail though, so that the element of surprise helps influence your decision when you’re shopping for your new pair. Here it is…


Nowadays, Ray-Ban and Persol aren’t the only brands doing every possible rendition of the classic “wayfarer” design, made iconic by JFK during his presidency. You can now find similar designs in millions of different colorways from brands like SUPER, Oakley, and even NEFF.


As we see the classic sunglass designs becoming more and more popular today, there’s no way I could forget about the wire-frame shades. Big, small, round, aviator, silver, and gold. The options are endless believe it or not. You could even get on your Johnny Depp/Fear and Loathing steeze and rock the orange tinted lenses in yours.

Choose Your Own Destiny

I have given you guys the two most popular sunglass “genres” to check out when you start shopping, now it’s just time for you to make a decision for yourself. Just remember, when you can’t decide between two, just get both. That’s just double the style points that the ladies will notice in your summer wardrobe, duh! Tell us your style preference and what pair you’re thinking about picking up in the comments below.

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