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Music Driven Fashion

In case you didn’t know already, music is basically what drives all of us here at Dress Code (see what I did there?). On top of all of the great band merchandise and street wear brands we carry, we also enjoy designing our own shirts too. We have made quite a few over the years and I would like to quickly take you guys through the Dress Code tee archives. Check it out…

Big Fan Tee

We consider ourselves to be some clever cats around here,  so we went ahead and proved that statement’s truth through a little “wordplay” T-shirt design.  I’m sure you’ve at least been to one show before,  where there was that annoying groupie talking your ear off before or after the show about how big of a fan he/she is of the artist and how they’ve “been down with them since day one, before they became popular”. Next time you find yourself in this kind of situation, kindly direct them to Dress Code so they can get a “big fan” tee. Then everyone will know without even having to ask. “That guy must be a big fan.”

Record Player Tee

“And the Grammy goes to… Dress Code Clothing!” Our inspiration for the “record player” tee was derived from the most prestigious award to receive, in the music industry, the Grammys! And since we’re Music Driven Fashion, you already know who the winners are.

Tree Guitar Tee

One of our personal favorite brands that we carry is Imaginary Foundation. They’re known for their vibrantly detailed images that they use in their graphics, sometimes accompanied by an interesting subliminal message within the graphic. Bottom line is, Imaginary’s artwork is always eye-catching. Before they started their whole sublimated aesthetic, we wanted to do our own design using Imaginary Foundation’s creative twist. The trunk of our “tree” is an electric guitar fusing into an image of an actual tree. But we didn’t stop there. We laid some speakers/sub-woofers into the branches at the top of the tree to bring it all together. Available in four different rockin’ colors too!

Standard Issue Tee

And our newest addition to the collection is our “standrad issue” tee. Featured on super soft, black cotton t-shirts, we have our signature “ticket” logo. Who knows, maybe you can even get into shows for free, if you just point at your shirt when greeted by the big ugly security man at the door. It’s definitely worth a try.

Retired Soldiers

Here’s two more shirts of ours that have unfortunately sold out already. So let’s just bask in the glory of their awesomeness.

Panther Tee

See, I told you we were cool cats! This tee was designed by world-renowned Graphic Artist, Mago Dovjenko in Germany.

Legends Live Tee

Because Legends never die. Designed exclusively for Dress Code by Boston artist, Matt W. Moore

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