New at Dress Code: Stussy S/S 2014

Stussy’s new summer pieces have arrived at Dress Code just in time for that summer trip you’re planning or that big barbecue you have coming up. I’m seein a lot of classic Stussy stock logo designs in the likes of tanks and tees this season with a few cut n sew pieces thrown in the mix. On top of their summer garments, four models from the new Stussy eyewear collection came in as well. The collection uses classic silhouettes such as wayfarers, giving them their own modern, less-circular twist of design. I’m going to focus on Stussy’s eyewear and non stock logo garments since the tour tees and stock logos are pretty well recognized already. So, let’s take a look…





 Above are the four models in stock. Some models are available in multiple colorways as well if you’re more of a tortoise shell shades person.

Shirts & Accessories

Wt Frame Tee

Bambooze Button-Up

Baseball Shirt (Black)

8 Ball Sweatshort (Black)

Vintage Flower Camp Cap and Bambooze Bucket Hat

S-Link Socks and Stock Socks



Stylin’ Socks

Socks have transformed from a basic article of clothing worn primarily for warmth and hygiene, now into a commodity, or collector’s item if you will, among the self-deemed stylish population of the world. With an endless array of colors, patterns, as well as styles of socks, I’m willing to bet this is a “trend” that will never end. With that being said, I’ve gathered up all the new socks at Dress Code and created this nice sale guide for you guys. Won’t be showing you all of them since there’s currently over 120 different pairs in stock from all different brands. So start emptying out your over flowing drawer of ratty, holey socks and check this out.


Stance has become one of the number one retailers for all your sock needs whether it be style, warmth, or performance socks offered in a wide range of sizes. Not to mention they just launched a basketball specific line with rubber coating to help keep your foot in place in your shoes.


It’s no secret that HUF socks are currently hot items to have for just about any age or demographic. You can walk around the mall and see a 13 year old girl with plantlife socks walking by and see a grown man over his 30′s with her exact pair on all in the same trip. Enjoy!


Rebel8 has really stepped it up with all their garments lately in my opinion. If you’re already familiar with Rebel8, I’m sure you would agree that just the variety of socks alone is impressive. Multiple colorways in almost every pair they produced this season. Don’t sleep.



New at Dress Code: Akomplice

We just got some new pieces from Akomplice’s “For the Love” summer collection. Akomplice has continued dabbling in the sublimation world, bringing us a lot of unique sublimated designs for the majority of their tees and tanks this season. I’m probably going to need to add a few pieces to my closet and I’m sure you will too, so let’s get into it before this collection sells out.

Blue Dialation Tank

First up  we’ve got a tank top from Akomplice’s “Blue Dialation” Series. A nice single-color tye dye for the summertime. Simple and Clean.

Water Love Tank

This second tank top is one of Akomplice’s sublimated designs, featuring a cool image of sun light reflecting off of water. Perfect for pool parties and all other aquatic outings.

Evolve Logo Tank

Akomplice’s signature logo screen-printed in grey on a clean, black cotton tank, to make up their “Evolve” tank. A simple reminder that change isn’t a bad thing.

Love Momentum Tee

Thought I’d start off with a non-sublimated tee. This is the “Love Momentum” Tee featuring a detailed image of a drop of water accompanied the signature Akomplice type logo as well as company slogan below it.

Glacier Tee

This one is probably my favorite out of all the sublimated tees. Reminiscent of my home in Alaska, this is the Glacier tee featuring a vivid photograph of a first person view from on top a glacier. Stay cool this summer with ease.

Birds Heaven Tee

This “Bird’s Heaven” Tee is literally just that. Cool sublimated photo of seagulls enjoying someones spilled french fries. What more could a bird want?

Naturism Tee

This “Naturism” tee has brought a lot of attention to Akomplice this season. I’m sure you can see why. Sublimated photo of some ladies enjoying a summer swim. Just so happened it was all their birthday.

Blue Shades of Clouds Tee

Inspired by the movie “Truman” this “Blue Shade of Clouds” tee is a perfect shirt for a nice summer day. 

Ms. Cleo Tee

And last but not least we have Ms. Cleo! Dial now to see what she’s up to these days. (Seriously though). 1-877-281-5477



The Mountain: 4th of July Attire Guide

Decided to do a quick list in celebration of the fact 4th of July is coming up, and let’s face it, we always have to wear something patriotic that day even if we aren’t BBQ-ing with the homies. Luckily, t-shirt brand, The Mountain, also feels very strongly about this statement. Lets take a look at their line-up…

Patriotic Backpack Kitten

Believe it or not there are even better shirts than this one on the way. But this kitten in a backpack showing it’s american pride is just too much. Ladies will be all over you in this. It says, “I’m sensitive and maybe have a cat, but I’ll also kick your ass if you disrespect my ‘merica.”

Patriotic Tiger

This Siberian Tiger is really wishing he could be a proud American. So, please take him home today and bring him to your friends 4th of July cook out.

Patriotic Dolphins

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that cute little kitten in a backpack, we have a purple men’s tee featuring one of the most intelligent sea creatures in the world in the form of a waving American Flag. This is a good example of the American dream as well. Cause who doesn’t wanna be a dolphin?

Patriotic Cat Hatter

Who really needs Uncle Sam on their shirt this 4th of July, when you can have his freakin’ cat?! He’s clearly ready to party with his star beard and American Flag balloon tied to his tail.

Patriotic Collage

For those of you that are blown away by the previous tees and are having trouble deciding which shirt to go with, may i suggest this collage tee. Channel your spirit animal(s) and have an outdoorsmen themed 4th of July bash. You’ll be the talk of the party in this.

Top 5 Band Hats at Dress Code

Here is the list all of you rockers have been waiting for since I know you’ve all been dying to update your wardrobe right? The top five band hats at Dress Code.


To start off, we have the “Scary Guy Cadet” hat from Metallica. Simple Black Pillbox style cap with Metallica’s iconic logo embroidered on the front as well as a skull/crossbones screen-print done in grey on the side.

The Ramones

This is the “pinhead” cap from The Ramones. “Gabba Gabba Hey” screenprinted all over the hat with the famous Ramone’s seal embroidered on the back. Pick yours up today!

Iron Maiden

Couldn’t forget about Iron Maiden. This rad black fitted cap features a screenprint of Eddie on right front panel spilling onto the bill of the hat with the band’s signature logo embroidered on the left panel. 

Parkway Drive

Here’s a super snazzy snapback from Parkway Drive.  Embroidered in whiteis their logo with another logo reading, “Parkway Drive” on the right of the snap. Teal Bill and snap closure. 

Bullet For My Valentine

This Bullet For My Valentine Fitted Cap is 3-D embroidered on the front in their famous blood drip logo in red, with two pistols embroidered on the back in grey because one bullet isn’t enough.

Quiksilver Redefines the Boardshort

Quiksilver has been one of the world-wide pioneers and innovators of surfing since 1969, and never has looked back since, developing top performance products for some of the world’s top athletes like pro surfer, Kelly Slater and pro snowboarder, Travis Rice. It’s surf season (summer) right now, so of course Quiksilver had to introduce something new to shock the extreme sport’s world.

Quiksilver has always strived to bring customers the highest quality products they possibly can, constantly inventing and testing new materials and technologies to further innovate the world of surfing. They have done just that with their new AG47 Boardshort. From using recycled polyester, lending Mother Nature a helping hand, to designing a completely stitch-less boardshort, Quiksilver really seems to have outdone themselves with these incredible boardshorts. The seams and even the back zipper pocket are laser heat-welded together using a techique Quiksilver calls “wave scallop construction” with no thread or stitching involved providing maximum comfort. These shorts are even sprayed with Scotchguard from 3M for optimal dryness when in the water. Now for those of you that aren’t riding in the US Open anytime soon or you just don’t want to go out and drop $125 on some boardshorts, they’ve created a full line of boardshorts incorporating the various AG47 technologies that cater to any customers budget. Check out a few of these afforable pairs after the jump and let us know what pair you’re picking up for the summer in the comments below.

AG47 Local Performer

AG47 New Wave

New Arrivals at Dress Code: Super Sunglasses

The Italian founded eye-wear brand, SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE® has been going strong since 2007, and is continuing to bring the heat with this summer’s collection. New in at Dress Code Clothing from SUPER, we have a little something for everyone. With a wide range of unique frame models already making up the core of its unique line, SUPER produced a few new models this year for both men and women, so I’m positive you all  will be able to find at least one fitting pair for your face shape this summer. Let’s take a look…


Here we have four new style’s of SUPER’s “Classic Sunglasses” ranging from $167.95 to $215.95. (Also available in matte black. Frames come with clear lenses to be turned into a sweet pair of readers)


Got a ton of different sunglasses and frames in SUPER’s “Basic” model ranging from $146 to $267.95.


One of SUPER’s new additions to their  “Motorpsycho” S/S 14 collection, the Panama. Available in Clear and Matte Black from $170.96 to $227.95

Tell us your favorite pair in the comments below, OR if you’re already an avid SUPER collector, share your current rotation of frames with us below.