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New at Dress Code: Oddsox

Are you tired of wearing your shoes with plain old white socks with a Nike swoosh at the top? Tired of wearing what everyone else is wearing??? If you’re like me and want to spice up your sock game, then take a gander at Oddsox. They have just the right amount of fun packed into your socks that will have everyone commenting on your sock game.

Look Like A Man, Man!

Not only are these socks fresh as heck…they’re also comfy as heck.

Plus, your little piglets will feel like they’re in the clouds with these socks!

…and who wouldn’t want a hot girl spilling ice cream all over her bod on their socks?

If you get these socks you’ll probably end up with a cute gf!!!

Stylin’ Socks

Socks have transformed from a basic article of clothing worn primarily for warmth and hygiene, now into a commodity, or collector’s item if you will, among the self-deemed stylish population of the world. With an endless array of colors, patterns, as well as styles of socks, I’m willing to bet this is a “trend” that will never end. With that being said, I’ve gathered up all the new socks at Dress Code and created this nice sale guide for you guys. Won’t be showing you all of them since there’s currently over 120 different pairs in stock from all different brands. So start emptying out your over flowing drawer of ratty, holey socks and check this out.


Stance has become one of the number one retailers for all your sock needs whether it be style, warmth, or performance socks offered in a wide range of sizes. Not to mention they just launched a basketball specific line with rubber coating to help keep your foot in place in your shoes.


It’s no secret that HUF socks are currently hot items to have for just about any age or demographic. You can walk around the mall and see a 13 year old girl with plantlife socks walking by and see a grown man over his 30′s with her exact pair on all in the same trip. Enjoy!


Rebel8 has really stepped it up with all their garments lately in my opinion. If you’re already familiar with Rebel8, I’m sure you would agree that just the variety of socks alone is impressive. Multiple colorways in almost every pair they produced this season. Don’t sleep.