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Style Guide: Sperry TopSiders

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a sailor you should consider gettin’ yourself a pair of hip Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. These shoes will give you some much needed grandpa swagger, but only if you wear them right!

Rule #1: NO SOCKS! Simple as that. Anyone who’s actually sailed the seven seas will tell you the same thing.

Rule #2: While wearing Sperry’s with shorts it’s imperative you keep the shorts short!!! If they touch your knee or go past your knee, then reconsider your shorts. You also might want to reconsider your entire wardrobe if you wear shorts past the knee.

I bet that lemonade tastes reeeaaal good.

^he swears it’s a sachel, but we all know it’s a just a purse…

Rule #3: If you’re wearing Sperry’s with long pants, then cuff ‘em. Your ankles should be showing! If you were actually sailing the seven seas you wouldn’t want your pants to get all wet. Ask Popeye he’ll tell ya how it is!

New at Dress Code: True Religion

Summer’s in full affect so I thought I’d give you guys a style guide if you’re looking to update your summer wardrobe, with a little help from True Religion. Ton of new products in stock whether you’re in need of new denim, shorts, or some new tees, so lets take a look…

Ricky Straight Pants (Camo)

If you’re already a fan of True Religion, you know the Ricky Cut is a Straight Fit from waist to hem. This time we see the Ricky in the form of a Chino Pant featuring a Camo pattern and button-flap back pockets. 

Isaac Over-Dye Cargo Short

Keep it cool this summer with a pair of True Religion Isaac Cargo shorts. Nice soft cotton blend available in multiple colors so you can keep the haters guessing all summer.

Ricky Straight Jeans

If you’re feeling a little fancy this summer, set your outfit off with some sparkling white Ricky Straight Leg Jeans, guaranteed to get you seen in the ballin’ night clubs by all the ladies.

Tailored Goods Tee

You”l need a top to complete your outfit, so why not rock all True Religion like a boss with this Tailored Goods tee featuring an old sewing machine graphic.

Blank V-Neck

If you’re not into graphic tees and like to keep it simple, this super soft cotton v-neck will do the trick. Available in Black or White to match your mood.

Diesel Summer Style Guide

If you’ve been rockin’ with Dress Code for a while now or you happened to read our Diesel Guide, you know that Diesel is one of our “staff favorites” for denim. It’s a tad hot here in Tucson (as well as most places) to be wearing jeans right now, so I wanted to showcase some new Diesel products currently in stock for the summer. We’ve got a ton of new shirts and accessories, so let’s take a look..

Sonora Woven Button-Up

For those rare, cool summer nights, this “Sonora” woven Button-Up is a perfect top layer for a night on the town or a nice dinner with your lady. Constructed using a nice thin and airy woven linen, this shirt gives you the denim appearance without the denim weight, while keeping you cool and keeping your layer game on point. Whether worn buttoned up or open paired with a plain white tee, this is a closet staple for all Diesel fans.

T-Erato Henley

If you’re more of just a t-shirt and jeans type of guy, the T-Erato Henley will give you all the qualities of your ratty University tees without the look of a plain t-shirt (or the stench) and also can usually be an acceptable alternative to collared shirts for your nights on the town. This super soft cotton blend tee gives you a stylish look without making you feel too “dressed up”. 

So now that you’ve got an outfit somewhat formulated, you’ll need an accessory or two to really set off your look. Let’s check out some cool Diesel accessories that work well with this outfit we got started.

DZ7301 Watch

The Diesel DZ7301 watch has a very stylish design, giving the piece maximum wear-versatility. With the style of the band resembling a heavy metal watch, this piece is perfect to be worn as a daily time keeper or can be your go-to watch for special occasions. The teal accented movements compliment the all Black face nicely and really make the white backlit number pop.

DZ1631 Watch

For the fellas that deem themselves a little more classy, the DZ1631 is the perfect time piece to spice up your wrist game this summer. The sleek stainless silver housing gives it just enough flash without looking too big on your wrist, while the classic brown leather band gives the watch its’ classic look. The bold block lines and numbering on the dial put the finishing touches on this classic watch from Diesel. Who knew Diesel could make minimalism look so good?

Summer 2014 Street Wear Style Guide

Summer Style

I’m going to do a quick summer style guide for you guys and also touch on how to put together some new outfits to re-vamp your summer wardrobe. From hats, down to kicks and every piece in between that not only looks cool but also keeps you cool in the heat! Let’s first take a look at some of this summer’s popular trends to get started and take it from there.

Chino Shorts

Aside from the few trends I’ve already touched on in previous posts, the big one that I’m noticing more as it heats up outside, is chino shorts. I’ve seen a massive “aesthetic shift” this season, from the once overly-praised baggy (camo) cargo shorts, now onto a more sleek, clean cut look and above-the-knee fit with chinos. I personally feel that this style of short works and looks much better with your thinner cut shoes (i.e. Vans, Chuck taylors, etc.) than baggy cargo shorts would. Not to mention, they will show off your socks a lot better too for you crazy sock collectors out there.

5-Panel Hats

Not that I’d call this a “new trend” exactly, but a trend this summer nonetheless. The 5-Panel hat. I somewhat see this trend going hand in hand with the chino shorts. Everyone’s been on snapbacks and Cargo shorts for the past few summers and now we see this shift towards a cleaner, less busy style. Perhaps people have become bored with the same old Wiz Khalifa/Justin Bieber wardrobe everyone wears. With a fresh pair of black or grey chino shorts matching your t-shirt (opposite color from choice of your shorts of course), or even just a plain white tee, this grey paisley 5-panel from Crooks&Castles will be “the cherry on top” of your outfit.

And of course…… Tank Tops

I don’t care what you have to say about tank tops and their lack of fabric where you feel there maybe should be. If you live in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona for that matter, they are absolutely vital to your well being for the summer. Trust me, you will still look “cool” and stay even cooler in the blistering desert heat. If I were to go with this 10 Deep tank top, (headed to a 4th of july shin-dig, duh!) I would pair it with those khaki Brixton Chino Shorts above and then for my footwear decision, I’d keep the patriotism rolling and throw on these “star spangled” Vans to match.

Maybe even throw this Red Nixon “Supertide” on my wrist if I’m feelin’ spiffy! Be sure to share the outfits you come up with in the comments below.