The Nixon Rubber Player: Style & Functionality

nixon logo

Not to be confused with the 37th president, the watch brand Nixon has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. The Player line is one of Nixon’s more popular and versatile styles. Nixon’s first couple runs were encased in a polyurethane and silicone material (fancy for rubber) from the case of the watch all the way to the band. The first Nixon watch I ever purchased was the Matte Black Rubber Player and has stood the test of time. I love wearing this watch for a snazzy dinner, or when I’m going to class or even just at work.

Nixon Black Rubber player 2

But don’t let the rubber design fool you. The clean face accompanied by the real diamond marking the six hour spot coupled with a chrome finished Nixon label at the top of the face really adds a nice shine to the piece.

Assorted rubber players 2.

The great thing about the player is it comes in a range of colors, accents, sizes and materials like brushed steel. For the high rollers there’s a ceramic model with a real ruby instead of a diamond that will set you back $1,500.

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