Diesel Denim Wash Guide

Diesel De-coders!

We’ve received a lot of chatter regarding those weird little codes on the inside tag of Diesel jeans and what exactly those are/what they represent. Well today’s your lucky day, I’m going to quickly break down the meaning behind their codes and the purpose of using them.

Diesel likes to do things a little differently than the other denim companies when it comes to the way they classify their styles, fits, and especially their washes. Those crazy little “serial numbers” are referred to as wash codes. Now, for those of you that are already familiar with Diesel denim or have been down with Diesel since before 2006, you may remember seeing those same funny looking codes under their Indian head authenticity tag. Since then, they’ve started putting the code on the back inside tag of the waist band along with the size and fit info.  Essentially, these wash codes give you the info on the color of the wash for that specific pair of jeans. It can also sometimes relate to the material used to make that pair as well. For example, the code pictured (86C) is a 97% cotton/3% elastane blend where as others won’t have any elastane in them. Another good indicator to differentiate the elastane denim to non-elastane is to look for the word “stretch” on that back tag.

Now That You Know..

So, if you’re already a fan of diesel, I bet there’s a good chance you have that one favorite pair that you’d love to have some more of or even just a second pair of the same wash perhaps. Now that you know this vital information, go into your closet, grab your favorite pair,  find the wash code and start searching for your favorite Diesel jeans! Let us know your favorite wash in the comments below!

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