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New Brand Alert: Ese

New to Dress Code Clothing comes a Tucson local street wear brand called Ese. The brand plays off of various luxury brands, composing graphics in a unique way. Ese is all about the hustle and work ethic it takes to get rich and live a lavish lifestyle as they display throughout their line of graphic tees. Here are just a few pieces we have in stock from Ese Clothing:

Get Money Tee

This Get Money tee from Ese perfectly exemplifies the lifestyle most all of us strive for on the daily, which is living a prosperous life. The best way to do that is “Get Money”. 
Homie Tee

The Homie tee features a gold foil printed graphic that twists up the recognized font of luxury brand, Hermes, while still staying true to Ese’s street wear style, with lowrider culture being a prevalent past time in Tucson’s inner city lifestyle.
Homie Beverly Hills Tee

I like to think of the Homie Beverly Hills tee the afterthought of working hard once your goals are reached. For now it’s fuel for the fire of our dreams to make it to the top. The graphic is aided by the help of a few familiar faces as well.

This is only three tees from Ese’s first collection available in-store as well as our webstore. Be sure to shop the rest of the Ese line here, and let us know which tee you’re picking up in the comments below.


New Brand Alert: Eleven Paris

We’ve added a new brand to our inventory for this Fall, hailing all the way from Paris, Eleven Paris is an Internationally recognized brand founded in 2003 by two friends. The brand combines minimalist and contemporary aesthetics with humorous and fun pop-culture/music references. It’s a brand that can suit anyone, having minimal outfit-finishing pieces like sweaters, coats, and accessories within the mix of their silk screen graphic tees. Here’s a quick look at our first delivery from Eleven Paris:

Albert M V-Neck

Here’s one of the more famous designs from Eleven Paris featuring Albert Einstein rockin’ their infamous finger mustache with the saying, “Life is a Joke” underneath the photo. Eleven Paris is well-known for featuring all kinds of pop culture and music icons in this pose. 
Tarental Tee

Here is an allover-print piece dubbed the Tarental Tee. With a monochromatic US Flag as the backdrop, across the bottom front of the shirt is what appears to be a parental advisory label, instead reading, “Work Hard, Play Hard, Eleven Paris.”
Higy Tee

Playing on both the minimalist and pop-culture sides of their line is the Higy Tee (No that’s not a typ-o). This ultra soft black cotton tee features a simple black woven label at the front left hem of the shirt with the back done in a sports jersey manor with Biggie across the shoulders and “97″ as the number. 
Sacage Tee

This Sacage tee (again no typ-o) features a shoulder-to-hem image of a woman wearing a black ski mask while in her birthday suit with the word “Savage” running across her eyes inside a black box.

Above are just a few of the pieces we have in stock from Eleven Paris. I left a little surprise on our web store for you hip-hop fans too. Be sure to check out the entire first delivery here, and let us know what you’re picking up in the comments below.