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Fox: More Than Just Motocross

Growing up in Alaska, Fox racing was a a hot commodity with all the locals, whether it was Fox Head apparel, racing gear, or a new set of Fox Shox™ for their snow mobile. Fox is known for their long-time affiliation with Motocross and other motorsport cultures, but those aren’t the only industries of focus for the brand.

Fox has not only started their transition into more of a lifestyle apparel brand, but have re-vamped their look for 2014, to say the least. They’ve simplified a lot of their shirt graphics and gone with a “cleaner” aesthetic, using their signature fox head logo as the staple of the companies’ makeover. Combining their pre-existing design technologies with their newly created tech and performance materials, Fox stepped into the performance sportswear industry with their new active apparel line. The Fox Active line features various lightweight, sweat-wicking garments tailored to the specifications of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, while still staying true their x-treme roots. From performance base layers, to various models of running shoes, Fox continues to prove their versatility as an apparel company. Here’s a look at a few pieces from the Active line.

Soleed Tech Long Sleeve
Captain Tech Long Sleeve

Motion Elite Shoe

Size Guide: Scotch & Soda

This will be a quick emphasis on the different fits of apparel from “Amsterdam Couture” brand, Scotch & Soda. We’ve had a lot of people with questions regarding sizing on shirts and non-denim pants, due to their constant use of unique materials and their intricate craftsmanship. I will quickly touch on some different fitting garments within Scotch & Soda’s collection.

Though Scotch claims their garments fit true to size, there’s always exceptions when dealing with garments that use delicate materials like cashmere, silk, and velvet. This is especially true if you’re aiming for a certain style of fit, whether it’s a baggy style you’re going for or a slim, more tailored look. S&S states in their size chart, “If your measurement is in between two sizes, order the smallest size for a tighter fit or the bigger size for a looser fit.” Seems straight forward, but how do you know which size to get for your body shape? Well for starters, it is extremely helpful to know your body measurements when deciding on a fit that suits you. That information will also allow you to play around with sizing easier, when looking for baggy or slim fitting shirts.

When delicate materials come into the picture, people that are in between sizes also tend to be unsure of which size to go with. Sure, I’m usually always a size Large in shirts myself, but I also hate buying shirts that never fit the same after a single wear/wash because of the specific cut of the shirt/shrinkage in the dryer. To help prevent this problem, I recommend referring to Scotch & Soda’s Product Care Guide on their website for any materials you may be unsure about. Here are some examples of a few different fitting garments we carry:

Cotton Tee:

For cotton tees, I’d recommend going with your usual size. They do seem to have a slightly slimmer fit but doesn’t appear to effect proportions between sizes.


For non-flannel button-ups like this shirt above, I recommend your normal size. However, this style shirt has higher cut arm-holes for the purpose of the style shirt it is, so if you want a bit of a looser fit in the arms sizing up will do the trick.


For crochet sweaters and other delicates alike, I strongly urge you check their product care guide upon reaching your final size decision.

The Best T-Shirts of Television

TV Merchandise

Television is one of the great American past times of our generation whether we agree with it or not. So, I figured I’d do a quick “top picks” for television t-shirts focusing on television programs currently on the air, from Cartoons to sit-coms and dramas. Let’s get into it.

Always Sunny in Philly- Kitten Mittens

Starting off the list with one of my favorite shows, Always Sunny. Instead of going with the typical green Paddy’s Pub tee that you see everywhere, I decided to do this “Kitten Mittens” tee from an episode from an earlier season.

Adventure Time- Jake Face Tank Top

I figured it was only right that I included one of the most popular cartoons with children and adults since the good ol’ Dragon Ball Z days. Here we have Finn’s trusty sidekick, Jake, blown up on the front of a tank. Stay cool this summer on your own adventures.

Family Guy- Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Another notable cartoon that’s been going strong since 1999 (beleive it or not) is Family Guy. And with the recent scare of Brian Griffin’s passing, I figured this tee deserved a spot on the list.

Walking Dead- Daryl Sunset

One of the most popular shows on TV right now is the Walking Dead and we have got a ton of merchandise for all you fans out there. This Daryl Sunset tee is one of the newest additions to our inventory at Dress Code. Get yours before the zombies get em all!

Workaholics- Office Chairs

A show that really blew up after it’s pilot season, Workaholics. Adam, Uncle Blazer, and The Derrs have taught the world how to properly slack-off and have a good time throughout the show and continue to take the world’s attention away from stupid shit like the voice and American Idol, today.

WWE- Scratch Logo

And why not end this one with some super REAL wrestling. Whether you’re a childhood fan or still a full blown fanatic of this fake display of athleticism, I figured everyone could appreciate this here original “scratch logo ” tee.

Summer 2014 Street Wear Style Guide

Summer Style

I’m going to do a quick summer style guide for you guys and also touch on how to put together some new outfits to re-vamp your summer wardrobe. From hats, down to kicks and every piece in between that not only looks cool but also keeps you cool in the heat! Let’s first take a look at some of this summer’s popular trends to get started and take it from there.

Chino Shorts

Aside from the few trends I’ve already touched on in previous posts, the big one that I’m noticing more as it heats up outside, is chino shorts. I’ve seen a massive “aesthetic shift” this season, from the once overly-praised baggy (camo) cargo shorts, now onto a more sleek, clean cut look and above-the-knee fit with chinos. I personally feel that this style of short works and looks much better with your thinner cut shoes (i.e. Vans, Chuck taylors, etc.) than baggy cargo shorts would. Not to mention, they will show off your socks a lot better too for you crazy sock collectors out there.

5-Panel Hats

Not that I’d call this a “new trend” exactly, but a trend this summer nonetheless. The 5-Panel hat. I somewhat see this trend going hand in hand with the chino shorts. Everyone’s been on snapbacks and Cargo shorts for the past few summers and now we see this shift towards a cleaner, less busy style. Perhaps people have become bored with the same old Wiz Khalifa/Justin Bieber wardrobe everyone wears. With a fresh pair of black or grey chino shorts matching your t-shirt (opposite color from choice of your shorts of course), or even just a plain white tee, this grey paisley 5-panel from Crooks&Castles will be “the cherry on top” of your outfit.

And of course…… Tank Tops

I don’t care what you have to say about tank tops and their lack of fabric where you feel there maybe should be. If you live in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona for that matter, they are absolutely vital to your well being for the summer. Trust me, you will still look “cool” and stay even cooler in the blistering desert heat. If I were to go with this 10 Deep tank top, (headed to a 4th of july shin-dig, duh!) I would pair it with those khaki Brixton Chino Shorts above and then for my footwear decision, I’d keep the patriotism rolling and throw on these “star spangled” Vans to match.

Maybe even throw this Red Nixon “Supertide” on my wrist if I’m feelin’ spiffy! Be sure to share the outfits you come up with in the comments below.


BAD BRAINS: 35 Years Of Punk

Bad Brains

After posting my previous post on my top 5 picks for best punk rock band t-shirt list, I realized I had left out considerably, one of the greatest bands to ever do it. The Rastafarian pioneers of the punk scene, Bad Brains.

The Kings of Merch

Though they’ve branched out from the punk-specific genre fusing all kinds of funk, reggae, and even hip-hop vibes to their sound, the D.C. born (and banned) group has always stayed true to their edgy punk look through their band merchandise and signature logo. After the recent 35th anniversary of the band, they have been coming out with all kinds of new merchandise from sunglasses and snowboard goggle collabs with Arnette, to limited edition guitars, and even their own hot sauces, Bad Brains is still going stronger than ever. They’re no newcomer to doing clothing collaborations either, having done several Vans collabs as well as a collection with Supreme NYC back in 2008.

Pictured above is their Limited Edition ASG Guitar collaboration as well as their eyewear collection with Arnette.

With Bad Brains still currently touring, there’s really no telling what we can expect next from the group that came together like the Ninja Turtles. While we wait on the new-new, I’ll show you one of my personal favorite band tees of theirs that we currently have at Dress Code.

Rasta Capitol Tee

The thing I love most about this specific shirt is the multiple color gradience within this graphic of their iconic Capitol Building Logo. From far away you might just see green yellow and red, but if you look closely you probably won’t even be able to count how many different shades of color there are. Definitely an eye-catching tee to wear. Fellow fans of BB, share with us your personal collection of gear in the comments below and keep rockin’.

Best Tees of the 90′s

90′s T-Shirts

I decided to make a “fun list” in honor of all my fellow 90′s babies out there as well as the fanatics of all things pop-culture. Join me on this nostalgic adventure back in time as we take a look at some of the best t-shirts from the 90′s at Dress Code.

Dumb and Dumber

“Wanna hear the most annoying sound ever?!” A perfect shirt to start us off. One of Jim Carey’s funniest roles in a movie that never gets old.

Dragon Ball Z

DBZ was THE show to watch when I got home from school as a kid.  And I’d be willing to bet you probably did the same thing while your Mom fixed you a nice little after-school snack. Goku is legend.


Couldn’t make the ladies feel left out with this list. So what better pick than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And fellas don’t front, you know you had a crush on her and would play it off cause you didn’t “watch” the show.

Ed Edd N Eddy

This is without a doubt, one of my favorite cartoons of all time. I felt this tee was not only awesome, but was a perfect representation of the show.  They were always plotting on ways they could buy jawbreakers. Wasn’t candy every kids main objective? I know mine was.

Men In Black

Let’s face it. We all wanted to grow up to be secret agent/alien hunters after we saw Men In Black for the first time. And you also knew the Will Smith theme song word-for-word and had to wear sunglasses to properly recite it.


I had to save the best for last. The classic sit-com our parents used to watch that we grew to love as we got older/wiser. And what better way to represent the show than a t-shirt featuring one of the most memorable episodes (or moments on television for that matter) of Seinfeld.

Benny Gold Spring/ Summer 2014

Stay Gold This Summer

NEW BRAND ALERT AT DRESS CODE!!! We just got in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from San Francisco’s very own, Benny Gold. Quite a few pieces in this new collection that I’m looking to add to the closet, myself. Let’s check it out!

The Collection

For this Spring/Summer season, we are seeing a lot of custom all-over print patterns (almost too many) from various street wear brands, especially “floral” themed patterns. However, I must say Benny Gold did it right with these Dolores Floral Socks.At first glance, you may see just another pair of floral pattern knit socks, but look closely. Keeping true to their brand and everything BG has stood for since the beginning, they worked in their signature paper plane logo throughout this unique floral pattern. Some definite eye catchers that I also think are a really great change of pace, compared to all the typical floral patterns we see everywhere we turn. If you really want to show out, piece either colorway of these bad boys with a matching Dolores Floral Tee for the start of a dope Benny Gold outfit.

Recent Collaboration!

Another noteworthy detail, that some may not know already is that Benny Gold recently teamed up with two Americana legends, Pendleton and Jansport for an intricate collection of bags, wallets and accessories.  With the amount of variety in the collection as well as attention to detail on every piece, I STILL can’t decide which backpack is my favorite. Luckily, you can still grab your favorite piece from this collection to go with your new outfit from the Spring/Summer Collection. Let us know what your favorite piece from the collection is and let us know if you will be picking anything up from their recent collaboration in the comments below. And always remember to “Stay Gold.”



Diesel Denim Wash Guide

Diesel De-coders!

We’ve received a lot of chatter regarding those weird little codes on the inside tag of Diesel jeans and what exactly those are/what they represent. Well today’s your lucky day, I’m going to quickly break down the meaning behind their codes and the purpose of using them.

Diesel likes to do things a little differently than the other denim companies when it comes to the way they classify their styles, fits, and especially their washes. Those crazy little “serial numbers” are referred to as wash codes. Now, for those of you that are already familiar with Diesel denim or have been down with Diesel since before 2006, you may remember seeing those same funny looking codes under their Indian head authenticity tag. Since then, they’ve started putting the code on the back inside tag of the waist band along with the size and fit info.  Essentially, these wash codes give you the info on the color of the wash for that specific pair of jeans. It can also sometimes relate to the material used to make that pair as well. For example, the code pictured (86C) is a 97% cotton/3% elastane blend where as others won’t have any elastane in them. Another good indicator to differentiate the elastane denim to non-elastane is to look for the word “stretch” on that back tag.

Now That You Know..

So, if you’re already a fan of diesel, I bet there’s a good chance you have that one favorite pair that you’d love to have some more of or even just a second pair of the same wash perhaps. Now that you know this vital information, go into your closet, grab your favorite pair,  find the wash code and start searching for your favorite Diesel jeans! Let us know your favorite wash in the comments below!

Top 5 Punk Rock Tees

Top 5 Punk Rock Band Tees

To all the grown men in the world still rockin’ their knee high creepers and dying their mowhawk spikes green, this one’s for you! This is, without further adieu, the top 5 Punk Rock Band Tees…

1. Ramones

Johnny and the gang probably are the reason you’re wearing a leather jacket and you didn’t even know it. For some reason,  one of the first things that pops into my head when I think Punk Rock, is the image of the Ramones in some destroyed jeans and leather jackets, perhaps enjoying a cigarette in an alley behind the venue. So I made them #1, featuring their “pinhead skull” tee.

2. Misfits

We’ve seen the black and white Misfits “fiend” tees since the first time they were ever printed. So why not break away from the rest, and roll with the heather orange “Subway stencil” tee. Here we see the same classic fiend, given a “graffiti stencil” look. What’s more punk than graffiti and Misfits? Nothing really.

3. Dead Kennedys

Couldn’t forget about the California Kids. The Dead Kennedys were part of the “pioneer generation” that helped solidify the new music genre of Punk Rock. I really enjoy all the detail within this graphic, so I chose their “Bedtime for Democracy” Tee.

4. Bad Religion

You weren’t a true punk if you didn’t have the “shit kickers” on your feet. So I figured I’d go with the “up the punx” tee from The Dead Kennedys featuring a pair of the iconic Dr. Martens Boots with their classic “crossbuster” logo on the toe.

5. Casualties

Casualties. Regardless if you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re apart of punk rock history. Figured I’d leave the end of the list open to your discretion with their “No Liberty Here” tee. Be sure to let us know how much you hate/love the Casualties or any of the other bands I chose in the comments below.


Dress Code Tees!

Music Driven Fashion

In case you didn’t know already, music is basically what drives all of us here at Dress Code (see what I did there?). On top of all of the great band merchandise and street wear brands we carry, we also enjoy designing our own shirts too. We have made quite a few over the years and I would like to quickly take you guys through the Dress Code tee archives. Check it out…

Big Fan Tee

We consider ourselves to be some clever cats around here,  so we went ahead and proved that statement’s truth through a little “wordplay” T-shirt design.  I’m sure you’ve at least been to one show before,  where there was that annoying groupie talking your ear off before or after the show about how big of a fan he/she is of the artist and how they’ve “been down with them since day one, before they became popular”. Next time you find yourself in this kind of situation, kindly direct them to Dress Code so they can get a “big fan” tee. Then everyone will know without even having to ask. “That guy must be a big fan.”

Record Player Tee

“And the Grammy goes to… Dress Code Clothing!” Our inspiration for the “record player” tee was derived from the most prestigious award to receive, in the music industry, the Grammys! And since we’re Music Driven Fashion, you already know who the winners are.

Tree Guitar Tee

One of our personal favorite brands that we carry is Imaginary Foundation. They’re known for their vibrantly detailed images that they use in their graphics, sometimes accompanied by an interesting subliminal message within the graphic. Bottom line is, Imaginary’s artwork is always eye-catching. Before they started their whole sublimated aesthetic, we wanted to do our own design using Imaginary Foundation’s creative twist. The trunk of our “tree” is an electric guitar fusing into an image of an actual tree. But we didn’t stop there. We laid some speakers/sub-woofers into the branches at the top of the tree to bring it all together. Available in four different rockin’ colors too!

Standard Issue Tee

And our newest addition to the collection is our “standrad issue” tee. Featured on super soft, black cotton t-shirts, we have our signature “ticket” logo. Who knows, maybe you can even get into shows for free, if you just point at your shirt when greeted by the big ugly security man at the door. It’s definitely worth a try.

Retired Soldiers

Here’s two more shirts of ours that have unfortunately sold out already. So let’s just bask in the glory of their awesomeness.

Panther Tee

See, I told you we were cool cats! This tee was designed by world-renowned Graphic Artist, Mago Dovjenko in Germany.

Legends Live Tee

Because Legends never die. Designed exclusively for Dress Code by Boston artist, Matt W. Moore