How to Keep Your Hats Looking Fresh

Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to accumulate a pretty big stash of hats. One of my favorite hats right now is the Floral Volley in Black from HUF. Some people at my work might say I have a problem but I can quit at anytime. That’s what I keep telling myself…

Here’s a little thing I wrote up to help you guys keep your hats looking fresh and super dope.

 Volley coalge

Step 1: Preventative Maintenance

First thing you’ll need is a stain and water repellent spray. It’s hard to resist the urge to throw on your brand new hat right away, but you’ve gotta! Spray it first and you’ll love yourself, trust me. This $7 can of spray will give your hat much more life. The bomb thing is that you can even use this on shoes too. Two in one baby!

Febreeze and lids spray

Step 2: Cleaning & Care

Here are the baby steps in case you didn’t know already:

  • Keep your dirty hands off your lids. Come on guys!
  • Use tape or a lint roller to get rid of lint that get stuck on your hat.
  • Treat funky smells with Febreze, the oldest trick in the book.
  • If all else fails and you really wrecked your hat, take it to your dry cleaner and they should be able to help you.

Step 3: Storage

This is the most important step. I hear stories that my dog ate my hat all the time. It’s your fault! Proper storage is key. I use a plastic storage container to keep any dust or bugs from destroying my precious collection. The container helps keep your hats in shape, and keeps the dogs out. Then keep it away from sunlight because that will fade them out (I learnt that the hard way).  Under the bed is a great spot.

More hats

Hope you learned something! If you have any other tips, share in the comments!


Black Sabbath x Converse Capsule

Heavy Metal Kicks

Black Sabbath is arguably the best Metal Band in history, known as the pioneers of Metal after their induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. And with the band still going strong on tour for their latest studio Album, 13it only made sense to team back up with Converse for the release of their second capsule collection of sneakers.


Black Sabbath x Converse

The collection is made up of five unique sneakers, three of which are offered in the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi silhouette. The inspiration behind the collection is genius in my opinion. Commemorating their recent reunion for their newest album, 13, as well as the return of their crazy lead singer and living legend, Ozzy Osbourne, Converse uses their forever iconic artwork from their albums being used on the shoes. The die-hard Metal Heads out there might even consider this pack an “archive collection”.

Converse CT Hi Black Sabbath:

CT Hi Black SabbathFirst up, we’ve got their Debut Album that paved the way for their legacy featured on a black CT Hi. The entire upper uses the cover art accompanied by “Black Sabbath” embroidered in white complimenting the tongue, with the same black and white Sabbath logo making up the  canvas sock-liner of the shoe.

Converse CT Hi Never Say Die:

CT HI Paranoid For those of you that want to buy a pair from this collection, but  enjoy simple shoe colorways, The Never Say Die CT Hi is the pair for you. Classic black upper with the  “Black Sabbath” logo from the cover art embroidered again in white, but this time a bit larger across the heel. A collage of black and white photos of the band members is used as the sock-liner.

Converse CT Hi Paranoid:

CT Hi Paranoid


Featured on a black CT Hi is the “Paranoid” Album art on the upper of the shoe. Also running parallel down the heel tab it is embroidered in purple. Keeping relevant to the designs and cover art, “Black Sabbath” also is on the tongue of these in that same purple stitching. Be sure to compliment your pair with a Sabbath Band Tee when you finally decide on which pair fits your style.

CT Hi Paranoid Detail




Denim Guide: G-Star RAW

Denim Guide: G-Star RAW

This will be a helpful guide to G-Star Raw Jeans for the designer denim noob or someone that is currently “on the fence” about making their first “big” denim purchase. I’ll go over different designs available, touch on specific fits, as well as the importance of choosing the right fit for you.

The BIG Purchase:

A lot of people don’t understand spending a little extra money on clothing, jeans specifically, and they automatically assume you’re just paying for the name or the designer label. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. With G-Star, you are getting quality raw denim that lasts just about forever with proper care/treatment.

Before I was talked into getting my first pair of G-Stars in the summer of 2011, I never really focused on the jeans I would pair with outfits, as long as they weren’t uncomfortable. At first I regretted my purchase considering I live on the surface of the sun, Tucson, AZ until my first  winter here came, and I wore them almost everyday and still wear them to this day, relentlessly. So those of you wearing through your pairs of  Levis 511′s in less than a year, this guide was made for you.

Now onto the Fit:

Sadly there are still  too many people out there that don’t understand the purpose of denim coming in different cuts or “fits”. The point of this, simply put, is because everyone’s body shape is different. G-star not only has several different cuts of denim to choose from, but over 100 different designs within those cuts as well. This means that not all “Arc” or “3301″ designs will be cut the same . There’s quite a few variations within each design ranging from super slim to loose. You want to get a pair of jeans that not only is comfortable, but fits you properly, enabling you to get the most wear out of them. I will go over some different styles G-Star offers and also let you in on what is popular in their line right now.



Dexter: This is considered to be one of G-Star’s “low tapered” fits and with a lower price point than most of their line, this is a great “starter” pair. Sits just below the waist and gradually slims or “tapers” down from your thighs towards the cuff. They have a pretty narrow cuff opening for those of you that like to pair vans or runners with your slimmer cut jeans. I’m happy with the pair I’ve had for about 6 months now and was surprised at how well they’ve kept up with me working in them everyday.


Arc 3D Slim: Now onto my favorite design and cut, and top seller of theirs too. The Arc 3D Slim! They do sit below the waist, but they’re not your average pair of slim-cut jeans. They’ve got a nice loose fit throughout the thighs, with just enough taper through the knees and cuff. Looking at them before you try them on, you’ll notice the legs actually curve inward on their own. Hence the word “arc”. Diagonal Inseam Hems on the inner knees give them this shape and helps maintain the life of your denim without any extra care from you. The perfect fit for any outfit/occasion in my opinion.

Straight Leg Possibilities:

3301 Straight: G-Star’s take on the Originator using the 3301 design. These will sit at your waist with equal room throughout the legs, and just a slightly smaller cuff opening, helping you maximize your various footwear selections. I’d compare them to Levis classic 501′s in the fit, but using  better quality denim, for sure.


Low Straight: With the low straight, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Slim in the legs with a low rise like a skinny, but still with a straight fit, keeping almost the exact straight leg appearance as the 3301 straight. A very similar fit to the Levis 514′s.



The Nixon Rubber Player: Style & Functionality

nixon logo

Not to be confused with the 37th president, the watch brand Nixon has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. The Player line is one of Nixon’s more popular and versatile styles. Nixon’s first couple runs were encased in a polyurethane and silicone material (fancy for rubber) from the case of the watch all the way to the band. The first Nixon watch I ever purchased was the Matte Black Rubber Player and has stood the test of time. I love wearing this watch for a snazzy dinner, or when I’m going to class or even just at work.

Nixon Black Rubber player 2

But don’t let the rubber design fool you. The clean face accompanied by the real diamond marking the six hour spot coupled with a chrome finished Nixon label at the top of the face really adds a nice shine to the piece.

Assorted rubber players 2.

The great thing about the player is it comes in a range of colors, accents, sizes and materials like brushed steel. For the high rollers there’s a ceramic model with a real ruby instead of a diamond that will set you back $1,500.

Wu-Tang: More Than Just Merch

Wu-Tang Clan has more than earned their “staple” in hip-hop culture for generations to come. Though as of late, the Rap super group has been getting a lot more attention from the youth, with their own apparel company, Wu-Tang Brand LTD. What was once known as “Wu-Wear” is now its own self-titled label, bringing you any and everything the average, obsessive Wu-Tang fanatic could ever want.

With 2014 marking the 20th year Anniversary for their multi-platinum album, “Enter the 36 Chambers” their band merchandise has not only gotten more popular, but Wu-tang Brand LTD also has had the help of a few brands in collaboration. Wu-Tang recently collaborated with G-Shock by Casio on a watch as a commemoration. It’s a black DW-6900 with yellow accents. The Wu “W” shows through the backlight when lit. Since the hype has already passed and they have completely sold out of stores, I wish you the best of luck trying to find one. I’m still on the hunt for one myself, since I don’t feel like paying $500+ from some dude on eBay.


As Wu-tang Brand LTD is gaining a bigger following and continuing to shell out new products, they also recently teamed up with HUF for a sweet capsule collection including a strapback hat, a football jersey, some socks for all you plant-lifers, and a pair of HR-1 Boots all in classic Wu colorways.




Imaginary Foundation’s New Direction 2014

The Big Bang of Something Cool


I remember Imaginary Foundation’s first prints were based on a solid colored background focusing on a center piece. This kind of design format is one of the reasons I started taking an interest in the brand. My first t-shirt from Imaginary Foundation was one of their earlier designs called “Let the Force Flow.”

The Era of Sublimation


As time past so did their design setup. It was jarring seeing Imaginary use a 100% polyester all over print. The sublimated material for me was hard to warm up to as it was so radically different from what they had used to print on before.  However their unique and eye catching designs are what kept me coming back for more. Some of my favorite sublimated prints is the “Canyons” design.  Another thing I like about the sublimated prints is that they carry a great deal of detail and cover the entire area of the shirt and still have a silky smooth feel to them. For me, I tend to avoid shirts with too much print as they can be hot and uncomfortable to wear.
The Great Expansion


Imaginary hasn’t stopped at just t-shirts though. They have expanded their brand to encompass hats, sweaters, women’s leggings and iPhone cases which carry that same idea of utilizing the entire space of the item. What interests me in their hats is that each panel is unique.

Shop Imaginary Foundation at Dress Code

The Pack VANs Sk8 Hi “Tie Dye” in Brown Suede

Trends…. on trends….


We got the perfect way to turn heads & get you noticed..



VANS has never been a company who plays it safe with their catalogue updates.  Now we get new update in a direction no one could have predicted…  a rainbow psychedelic tie dye with brown suede on  the very shoe which helped define the 80′s!!

Take the VANS SK8 Hi…

Throw in The 1960′s timeless tradition of Tie Dying almost everything it its path…

Finish it off using Brown Suede uppers detailing…

Keep the white waffle sole…

Now you got something that no one else would have though of & is truly novel!!

A tride & true Trend on Trend mashup for the ages like never before!!

Likes:  what better way to reinvent the wheel  than by layering one trend on another within the same shoe!  Classic style!  The SK8 Hi has never looked better!

Suggested Pairings: Your favorite tapered baggy G STAR RAW Dark Blue Denim & any of the following to play this signature addition to any wardrobe.






Simply put, its that 1960 tie dye trend on a 1980′s style SK8 Hi guaranteed to get you noticed!!




A Guide to Diesel Denim Jeans

This is a guide to understanding Diesel denim jeans. I will touch on the different fits available within the brand. Also, be sure to check out my other Diesel articles regarding wash codes and denim treatment.

My first pair of Diesel jeans were bought in late 2010. I still own my first pair and wear them occasionally. That being said—I believe that the right pair of jeans can hold up over years of wear; and still present itself with elegant style. I am writing this guide so that newcomers with the brand can familiarize themselves beyond just garments that hang in their closet.  Furthermore, to educate shoppers for their next purchase.

The Fit!

Many beginners overlook the importance of fit when it comes to purchasing their first pair of designer jeans. Fit is essential,  a pair of premium denim jeans can only maximize your style if it is outfitted properly to your body. Below is a summary of the most popular diesel fits available. Please note that your sizing for most of the jean styles will remain inline. The only exception in Diesel denim sizing occurs when moving to a skinny fit. If you are moving between relaxed and straight leg fit there should almost no concern about changing sizes.

Skinny Jeans

Shioner:  A classic skinny carrot fit jean. These jeans will sit low on your waist. They present a slim fit through the thigh and get even slimmer as the jean moves down to your ankle. To understand the carrot fit, simply Imagine a slim carrot: slightly wider at the top and narrows down to the tip. Zipper-fly. (My first pair of Diesels!) This fit is very similar to the Levi’s 511 Skinny jean.


The sleenker skinny in distressed wash

Diesel Skinny Jeans

Thavar: This is Diesel’s signature and most popular take on their low rise skinny jean.  I consider these jeans to be a slight bit slimmer than the 511 Levi’s jeans. However, they are not quite as skinny as the Levi’s 510.  I consider these to be an essential to any Diesel fanatic if you can compromise a little comfort for the perfect skinny fit.

Sleenker: One of the few mid-rise skinny jeans. The leg start as a slim leg and tapers down to a skinny fit. Most versions of the sleenker have a stretch fabric. Unlike most traditional skinny jeans, this one is a button-fly.


Straight Leg Options

Safado: Diesel argues that this is their most popular fit. The safado is a straight leg jean with a mid-rise. Typically a button-fly jean.  This is Diesel’s premium take on the classics Levi’s 501 jean.

Waykee: Mid-rise jean, straight leg jean with a Zip fly. One of Diesel’s re-take on the safado, however a slightly slimmer fit.

Viker: Mide Rise, straight leg Jeans with button-fly. I have been told that this style is being phased out of their line.  However, this again is a classic re-take on the Levi’s 501 from a premium line.

 The Diesel Safado JeansThe Diesel Safado Jeans


The Boot-Cut Scenario

Diesel Bootcut New-Fanker Jeans

Diesel Bootcut New-Fanker Jeans

Zatiny: This pair of jeans is a slim boot-cut. I consider this to be a micro boot-cut because the flare near the bottom of the jeans is very minimal. Which makes it a great pair to outfit with either sneakers or boots.  Button-fly.

New-Fanker:  Similar in fit to the Zatiny, the new fanker is a mid-rise slim bootcut jean with a button-fly.

Zathan: Diesel’s classic bootcut jean. Button Fly closure. Currently Diesel’s only true bootcut option. However, there are plans of another mainstream bootcut option releasing late in 2014 that will also have a presence in their line.

 Alternative Fits

Darron: Presents a slim tapered fit with a mid-rise. This style jeans provides a slim-fit look with little compromise to comfort. This jean has the signature patch above the right back pocket. Typcially not seen in other Diesel jeans. Button-fly jean.

Larkee: The relaxed straight leg option presented by Diesel. One word describes this jean: comfort. Plenty of room in seat and thigh. The jeans provide a very traditional look.

Jogg: The jogg jean has received a lot of attention from Diesel in the past months. The jean itself comes in various fits– however it is more notorious for being available in the skinny / slim fits. The idea behind the jean is the material. Denim on the outside, however the inner parts of the jean are close to a sweat-pant material feel.  This hybrid combination provides supreme comfort and Diesel’s notorious washes do not skip a beat on style. This jean has been at the front of Diesel’s marketing campaign as they bring style without any compromise to comfort.